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Day 1265

Global: Total confirmed cases: ~11,712,000; deaths: ~541,000

U.S.: Total confirmed cases: ~2,981,000; deaths: ~132,000

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Half the population is huddled in their homes and the other half is out there just spreading the fucking virus :microbe:

Mask up people! :mask:


Ever notice how every ‘win for Trump’ hurts people?

In win for Trump, Supreme Court allows plan for religious limits to Obamacare contraceptive coverage

The ruling greatly expands the kinds of employers that can cite religious or moral objections in declining to include birth control in their health care plans.


I am going with we can give them this, and let’s get the T taxes. Liberals have won a few more cases by SCOTUS the term unexpectedly with some CJ Roberts favorable nods.

Let’s hope they leave their year with a bang, and definitely turn over some part of the 2 cases to the House Committee or to Vance. Something has got to give here.



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