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Day 1302

Global: Total confirmed cases: ~20,729,000; deaths: ~752,000

U.S.: Total confirmed cases: ~5,237,000; deaths: ~167,000

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Can I get a hand in spreading the news about the natural disaster with winds equivalent to a category 2 hurricane that happened in central Iowa Monday August 10?

We saw all the Interstate power transmission lines in to Cedar Rapids Iowa destroyed by the storm. One line has been restored. My house has been without power since noon on Monday.

The latest news is that the National Guard has been contacted, and will arrive in a few days.



Pence Courts Farm Voters Whose Trump Loyalty Is Starting to Fray

Vice President Mike Pence tried to shore up support in Iowa with a visit Thursday as the swing state reels from a devastating storm, the coronavirus pandemic and fallout from President Donald Trump’s trade war with China.

Pence’s trip to the state, which Trump won by nine points but has slipped into battleground territory in the race against Democratic nominee Joe Biden, is his third since May, highlighting its key role in the political landscape.

Oh :unamused:

Pence, who isn’t scheduled to visit any damaged farms, met with farmers at the state fairgrounds in Des Moines before two political events – a Heritage Action town hall focused on police officers and law enforcement, followed by a closed-press Iowa GOP “Stars and Stripes” fund-raising dinner at a suburban country club.


The president won Iowa by nine points in 2016 but now leads by just two points in a Monmouth University Poll published last week.


Residents at Oak Village Senior Residences pleading for help in aftermath of storms

“We’re on our own,” said Billy Fuller, a resident who’s lived at the complex for 5 years. ”We have no power, no elevator, we have go up three flights of stairs, we have nothing but a flashlight no emergency lights, exit, nothing, and Cathy, the manager, has been here for two days cleaning up. That’s it.”

In addition, since Monday, there was no air conditioning, cold water, and very little if any food.

“I’ve been out of oxygen for three days,” said Fuller.

Both Fuller and Joy, a resident of 8 years, suffer from COPD, but have been doing their best to help other residents, getting around, getting supplies and checking in on others.

“These people are hungry. They want their phones, they are scared of the dark, what do we do,” said Joy.

They say they’ve reached out to management but the office has been closed. No one has checked on them and their usual community room has been locked since the pandemic began so their gathering space has become the outdoors.

“This is the worst I’ve seen it. We’re lucky to take a sponge bath,” Fuller added. “Corporate needs to be here to look and do something for us. They can afford a generator.”

Luckily, people like Shelley Fowler have stepped in to help, banding together to bring them water, ice and food.

America is failing it’s people. Old people left in the heat with no food or water, in the middle of a pandemic. This is dire shit.


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Can confirm, read

That’s a lot of damage. Agreed, this should be a bigger story.


News says 5 to 7 more days to restore power to areas that have been dark since Monday: