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1/ The Justice Department opened a criminal investigation and issued grand jury subpoenas to John Bolton’s publisher and literary agent. The department convened a grand jury after failing to stop publication of “The Room Where It Happened” this summer to investigate whether Bolton unlawfully disclosed classified information. The subpoenas, to Simon & Schuster and Javelin, requested all communications with Trump’s former national security adviser. Bolton, however, didn’t receive a subpoena. In the book, which was released in June, Bolton painted a picture of an out-of-control president consumed by his own re-election. Trump, meanwhile, has tweeted that he wants Bolton prosecuted, claiming he “broke the law” and “should be in jail, money seized, for disseminating, for profit, highly Classified information.” (New York Times / Wall Street Journal / CNN / Axios)

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So like this :point_down: happened today at the White House

Are there any stories comparing the “Peace” deal to the policies pushed at the infamous Seychelles meeting by Kirill Dmitriev? Also what are the actual politics of this deal? I understand that Palestine is getting a raw deal here but please someone walk us through the moving parts.



Trump’s tariffs violated global trade rules, WTO says

WTO says U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods violated international trade rules

Trump walks back aluminum tariffs on Canada

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