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Day 1384

1/ More than 100 million Americans voted early with more than 27 million mail-in ballots still outstanding – about 73% of the 137.5 million total ballots cast in the 2016 election, and more than double the 47 million early votes. The U.S. is on track to set a record turnout and surpass 150 million voters overall, which would mark the highest turnout of eligible voters by percentage in a presidential election since 1908. Several states have already recorded more votes than they did during the 2016 election – Texas, Washington, Montana, and Hawaii – and several battleground states – Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina – are nearing their 2016 totals. (New York Times / USA Today / Bloomberg)

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We voted early in TX. I’m so hopeful that we’ll get Trump & his band of thieves out of there with a landside victory, and none too soon. It seems the secret service (or others who serve at the pleasure of the POTUS) can drag him out once it’s clear the new Sherriff’s elected.

It’s time for this country to get it together and actually assimilate- all the way. That is the only path to peace and a functioning electorate, government and citizens. We have a long way to go.


I live in Illinois and am stunned by the news report stating Illinois went to Biden! Of course, I believe nothing at this point. I guess I am pretty much like everyone else… Hoping like heck this madness will end peacefully.


I am not certain why this is stunning, truthfully. Illinois is very reliably Democratic and has been for some time, even if a lot of the outreaches run red.



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