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Day 15

1/ Biden urged congressional Democrats to press ahead with the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan, saying “I’m not going to start my administration by breaking a promise to the American people.” Biden said he was open to negotiating the price tag for his Covid-19 relief proposal, including narrowing the distribution of $1,400 stimulus checks to focus on poor and middle-class people, but that he wouldn’t reduce the amount of the stimulus checks. “I think we can better target the number,” Biden said, but “We need to act — we need to act fast.” (NPR / NBC News / CNN / Bloomberg / Politico / Wall Street Journal)

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I love the surveys at the end of each newsletter. They are great at keeping me out of my bubble. I am still amazed by the vaccine surveys. The anti-vax group (which I historically associated more with liberal views, vegans, and home schooling ;-), seems to have really shifted to the conservative side, and not just the fringes! In a stunning twist of karma, unlike most things that (don’t) impact the privileged white (male) population, it seems to me after the virus is mutated to something more deadly (likely after vaccines are widely available), this population has the most to lose. Will the anti-vax fallout from Covid-19 ultimately be a great equalizer of white privilege? (Not that I wish this on anyone, its just a very interesting twist of fate for the historically privileged.) Or, once these people realize a vaccine has value, will they quickly jump to the front of the line (cheating if necessary) and push aside their fellow citizens (as we typically see with those who have privilege/power)?


Rep Cheney stays as head of her minority caucus and remains the House Republican Conference Chair.

PBS reporting

CNN reporting

Cheney holds on to House GOP leadership position amid furor over impeachment vote continues. It was a secret ballot, meaning the Representatives did not have to disclose how they voted.


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