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Day 164

1/ The U.S. military vacated Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan after nearly 20 years. The base was the epicenter of the U.S. military’s counterterrorism campaign in Afghanistan, with fighter jets, drones, and cargo planes taking off from the twin runways day and night. The airfield was handed over to the Afghan National Security and Defense Force, effectively ending America’s longest foreign war. The U.S., however, will continue to pay nearly $4 billion annually until 2024 to finance the Afghan security forces. (Associated Press / New York Times / Washington Post)

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The science behind extinguishing the Gulf of Mexico’s ‘ocean fire’

Although the burning ball of flames has been put out, the extent of environmental damage is still unknown.

Mo Brooks blames Trump for his appearance at Capitol rally, saying he only spoke because the White House told him to

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