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Day 188

1/ Senate Republicans shot down their own repeal-and-replace bill last night as nine of the 52 Republicans voted against it. The repeal-and-replace bill was a compromise measure meant to appeal to both conservatives and moderate Republicans. Mitch McConnell needed 60 votes to pass the bill. Instead, the vote failed 43-57 just hours after the Senate had narrowly voted to begin debate on a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act. (New York Times / Washington Post / Reuters / CNN)

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Health care, sanctions, transgender people no longer allowed serve, oh boy…

Hey, guess what? More Trump-Sessions drama.

Despicable. :pensive:

Please share, Trans Lifeline can help direct any trans active duty members seeking counsel


Senate Rejects Repeal Without Replace

Thank you @seabass, I have relatively few followers on my SM accts but I will make sure to get this out, you never know who will find it, and I’d really really like to help if I can.

I totally missed on my first read thru that Rex Tillerson just now is deciding to pout about drumpf’s behavior being “unprofessional?” lmao omazeballs

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