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Day 197

1/ Robert Mueller's grand jury issued subpoenas related to Trump Jr.'s 2016 meeting with the Russian lawyer in recent weeks. The subpoena seeks both documents and testimony from people involved in the meeting. Yesterday, it was reported that Mueller had convened a grand jury investigation in Washington to examine allegations of Russian interference in the election. When Mueller took over the investigation in May, he inherited a grand jury in Alexandria, Va., which was impaneled to assist in the Michael Flynn investigation and focus on Flynn’s work in the private sector on behalf of foreign interests. (New York Times / CNN / Reuters)

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#10 seems a stretch.

Definitely a stretch, but it hints at unrest amongst the GOP donor base. What happens if donations dry up ahead of 2018 or 2020? :eyes:

Who else are extreme conservatives going to donate to exactly? They need the GOP as much as the GOP needs them.

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I think there are enough GOP billionaires to fund who or what they want to fund, even if some donors become disillusioned or drop out.

Donations might dry up for a specific candidate, but the money will just be diverted to whomever aligns with their ideology best.

For example, after Senator Flake spoke out against Trump, Mercer donated $300,000 to the alternate GOP candidate.

The Democrats.