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Day 202

1/ FBI agents raided the Virginia home of Paul Manafort last month, using a search warrant to seize tax documents and foreign banking records. The predawn raid of the home of Trump's former campaign chairman came on July 26, one day after he met voluntarily with the Senate Intelligence Committee. In that meeting, Manafort provided investigators with notes from the 2016 meeting with the Russian lawyer claiming to have damaging information on Hillary Clinton. (Washington Post / New York Times)

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It’s always great when there is hard evidence of how wrong Trump is…


#4 on “fire and fury” :joy: :point_down:

#8 on Trump improvising his message to North Korea uses similar language to other hyperbolic claims he’s made in the past (hopefully Kim Jong-un doesn’t take him literally…)

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And at the same time, Trump was banning transgender people from the military… :unamused:

I can’t stop gleefully picturing the no-knock warrant being silently handed over to the bed headed fuckface, those guys must have absolutely sprung from their seats after they questioned him the first day to get that shit started. Woo!

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