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Day 203

1/ Federal investigators have sought the cooperation from Paul Manafort’s son-in-law in an effort to gain leverage over Trump’s former campaign chairman and turn him into a cooperating witness. Jeffrey Yohai, who hasn't been accused of wrongdoing, is a business partner with Manafort and it's unclear if investigators have secured cooperation from Yohai. Manafort is a focus in the investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign. He and Yohai are also under investigation for business and real estate transactions. (Politico)

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That last poll might be the single most frightening thing I’ve seen in the last 203 days. The light at the end of the tunnel for me has always been “well, he’ll get voted out in 4 years.” Any scenario where that election may be delayed is a veritable doomsday scenario.


Yep my stomach just dropped on that news. I figured that was coming, and/or Hoise of Cards-style closing voting stations to “protect” ppl from “terrorist” attacks, but reading about it as an actual possibility in black and white really took the wind out of me.

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