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Day 208

1/ Trump retweeted an alt-right conspiracy theorist, a train hitting CNN, and a critic calling him a fascist. Last night, Trump retweeted Jack Posobiec, an alt-right figure who pushed the Pizzagate and Seth Rich conspiracy theories. Then this morning, Trump retweeted an image of a person holding a CNN sign being hit by a train, with the commentary, "Nothing can stop the #TrumpTrain!!" The White House said the tweet was inadvertently posted and it was deleted. And, finally, Trump retweeted a critic who called Trump a "fascist" for "seriously considering" pardoning former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was found guilty of ignoring a judge's order to stop racially profiling Latinos during patrols. (USA Today / CNN / Washington Post)

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It begins. Seriously though, maybe right now it would be more useful to identify the murderers in Charlottesville than worry about some stupid inauguration day protests that did not actually kill anyone?

Welp, and a fourth CEO has quit Trump’s advisory council.

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A couple of items that didn’t make today’s update:

Postcards to those who remain?
Where would one find business addresses for these folks?

Here’s a list of CEOs from several of Trump’s Councils, not just the manufacturing one.

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Interesting developments since last night.

It’s pretty gratifying to see that Campbells and 3M both bailed before any social media campaigns got rolling.

The takeaway message for me is that it’s worth pressing those CEOs to do more. Instead of just resigning and standing by, I’d rather they started a concerted effort to counter the narratives coming out of the White House. This past weekend may have been the point where an extremist Trump leaves the mainstream behind. Those CEOs ought to be claiming the mainstream.

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advancing the council story: Trump’s Business Councils Disband After CEOs Defect - WSJ

Turns out one of the councils called to say they were disbanding. They hung up. Trump tweeted that it was his decision to disband the councils. We prob all suspected it was that way, but lulztrump.

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Trump has the BEST disbandings, and nobody disbands without his say-so.

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I’m pretty sure they caught the murderer in C-Ville. He’s being held at Ablemarle jail on suspicion of 2nd degree murder.

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Social media is the quickest with a big immediate impact.

Here is a thread about the impact social media has and what works best, etc.

Update on Trump’s advisory council: 10 down, 18 to go

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