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Day 237

1/ Congressional Democrats told special counsel Robert Mueller that Michael Flynn failed to disclose a summer 2015 Middle East trip to broker a Saudi–Russian nuclear power deal. Upon returning to the States, the Democrats say, Flynn omitted his contacts with foreign nationals during his reapplication for security clearance, which includes paperwork and an FBI interview. (CNN)

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OK so I know there’s a shitload to unpack in this update, but my brain can’t get past why we (or anyone) would use Russian software if Russian law dictates that that very software firm has to assist Russian spy agencies when asked? Is that just fine print no one fucking read? Or is there logic/other details there that I’m just fucking missing.

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No idea, but I love that you went back into the archive to comment on this. :call_me_hand:

Seems to be an intelligence test…and we failed. Why do we even allow Kaspersky to be sold here? (head>bang)