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Day 238

1/ Top Democrats announced they had struck a deal with Trump to save DREAMers from deportation. After a White House dinner, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi reported they would pursue a legislative option for DACA that included provisions for border security—excluding building a wall. In response to criticism from right-wing media and his base, Trump tweeted that "no deal" had been struck and that the wall "will continue to be built." (Washington Post / AP)

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Nothing leaks more than a sinking ship!

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Brian Schatz (D-HI) had the most amazing response today to the latest news in Mnuchin’s version of the private jet saga. (Also, he tweeted this in the middle of a meeting - some Senators are human!)

In response to this article:

I love that it leaked that there is a anti-leak program. :joy:

It reminds me of when they had the big meeting about Trump’s “100 days pivot” and literally half the attendees of the 30 person meeting, leaked about the meeting - which they were told not too. :joy:

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