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Day 248

1/ The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol subpoenaed four of Trump’s closest advisers, including Mark Meadows and Steve Bannon. The panel also issued subpoenas to Dan Scavino and Kash Patel. The subpoenas compel the four to produce documents relevant to the deadly attack by Oct. 7, and then sit for a deposition the following week. The committee said it was seeking information about Trump’s actions leading up to and during the riot. In a statement, Trump called the panel the “Unselect Committee” and promised to “fight the Subpoenas on Executive Privilege and other grounds, for the good of our Country.” (NPR / New York Times / Politico)

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Watch as Rachel Maddow goes over documents Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s investigation into the Trump failure to handle the COVID-19 pandemic that show Dr. Steven Hatfill’s secret guidance of the Trump regime’s bizarre and disastrous policies.


With Congress ready to do some infrastructure voting on Monday, feels important to get to stay informed, pressure Congress etc.

Came across this activism site - and it takes it’s name from this site, adding the WTF to it’s name. @matt on offshoot perhaps.

It is calling for a ZOOM meeting on Tues, Sept 28th…check it out. Stay informed. Push Congress to do SOMETHING.


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