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Updated 9/28/2017 9:41 AM PDT

1/ Trump's top economic adviser "can't guarantee" taxes won't go up for the middle class. Gary Cohn said Trump's tax plan is "purely aimed at middle-class families," but "it depends which state you live in." He added that the rich will not benefit under the plan. Trump wanted to propose a 15% corporate rate than the 20% announced, which is down from the current 35%. (ABC News / Axios)

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Re: Puerto Rico and Promissory Notes

Doesn’t that just encapsulate the whole ethos of this administration? “It’s your fault for living in the path of a hurricane.”

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lol yes. yes it does.

I just watched the ABC interview with Gary Cohn. What struck me, even though this is true of many politicians, was how he answered specific policy questions with empty rhetoric and deflection. Any time George asked about anything specifc, like getting rid of the estate tax, or cuts to capital gains, it was swept aside with answers of “We targeted the middle class” and “The rich will not get a tax break,” without any details to address.

What bothers me are the people who don’t see these tactics in action.

Edit: I found this hypocrisy interesting.

It’s so easy to play Statler and Waldorf when you’re not at the wheel, but… This is a pretty brazen admission that they don’t actually care about the rhetoric they use.

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Here’s an article on that update. That law requiring a promissory note applies when foreigners in other countries are evacuated by the State Department.