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Day 281

Updated 10/27/2017 10:56 AM PDT

1/ Trump hasn't imposed sanctions on Russia because Rex Tillerson dissolved the office that implements them. After the Coordinator for Sanctions Policy office was eliminated just one mid-level official is now responsible for coordinating the implementation of sanctions across the State Department and other government agencies. The administration missed the October 1st deadline to implement new penalties against Russia, which were adopted by Congress in August. (Foreign Policy / The Hill)

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders denies federal govt involvement in the Whitefish contract. :roll_eyes:

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The irony is thick.


First charges filed in Mueller investigation

And with that I’m going off the grid for two days.


Taking bets…Manafort?

No…I know, Hillary and her emails!

Whatever it is, I think it’s going to be big. Mueller is going to want to come out guns blazing.

This evening NBC reported Former CIA Director James Woolsey—who was a consulting member of Trump’s campaign until January 2017—was recently interviewed by Mueller’s FBI team.

Woolsey was present during a meeting last September 2016 where Flynn discussed a plan to allegedly circumvent U.S. protocols to move a Turkish Cleric named Gülen back to Turkey. President Erdoğan had blamed Gülen for orchestrating the failed coup against him in June 2016.

Flynn was previously paid over $500,000 for lobbying the Turkish government and hadn’t registered with the DOJ as a Foreign Agent at the time.

Day 65 and Day 200:

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Politico reported Manafort’s real estate agent for his Alexandria, VA home—the same one raided by the FBI back on July 26—testified in front of the federal grand jury last week.

Realtor Wayne Holland initially resisted but was then served a subpoena.

The judge said the subpoenas at issue sought information “regarding the purchase of real property, including in Virginia, by four individuals and their affiliated entities.”

Mueller is also scrutinizing real estate deals of Manafort’s family members (wife and son).

BuzzFeed reported Puerto Rico’s government acknowledged 911 people on the island died after Hurricane Maria, but there’s no way to know for sure if they were directly related to the disaster because funeral homes and crematoriums burned the bodies.

The Institute of Forensic Sciences in San Juan is the only place on the island where medical examiners confirm the official death count by performing autopsies on cases brought to their attention.

Central authorities had expected funeral directors in each district to notify them of suspected hurricane-related deaths, but had not instructed them to do so. There has been no standardized definition of what constitutes a death related to Hurricane Maria.

Due to poor communication and lack of proper coordination, the medical record documentation, reviews, and death reports have been highly inconsistent. It’s unclear how many of those 911 deaths were truly due to “natural causes”.

More families are choosing cremation partly because it is several thousands of dollars cheaper than a burial and partly because they are more focused on getting food, water, and shelter than figuring out logistics of a burial ceremony… :weary:

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@john I wonder how many have to choose cremation over burial because there is no power to the morgues. Here’s a NYT video report, at the end they speak to one family at a funeral that had to bury their loved one 5 days after he had passed and the remains couldn’t even be preserved properly. Talk about insult to injury.

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The latest on the Whitefish drama…

In related news, Elon Musk & Tesla turn the power back on on at PR children’s hospital. Musk was previously in talks with possibly doing this for the entire island (they’ve done it with smaller islands previously); the convo was sparked via Twitter actually.


Have good weekend @matt :nerd_face:

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#$);*,$&!,!!! Ahhhhh the suspense is killin’ here.

Have a great weekend Matt!