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Updated 10/31/2017 9:48 AM PDT

1/ Trump spent yesterday "seething" as he watched the Mueller probe unfold on TV. The indictments of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates weren't a surprise to Trump, but the guilty plea by George Papadopoulos for making false statements to the FBI was not expected. "The walls are closing in," said a senior Republican in close contact with top Trump staffers. "Everyone is freaking out." (Washington Post / CNN)

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Also interesting from PPP poll:

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@matt Yeah. I wonder if anyone has tried to determine if people are less likely to admit (or less likely to disclose) that they were Trump voters vs. earlier this year. That is, in January and February, when his approval rating was closer to 45-50%, Trump voters were probably happy to say, “Yeah, I voted for the guy.” But now, with his approval rating more like 33-38%, I wonder if folks might be less likely to do so?

Obviously total speculation, but if that were the case, it would mean the samples of “Trump voters” are a self-selecting group of his most die-hard fans (the true base). Which is more like, what, 25% of the country rather than 45%?

Wait. WHAT?? 79% of Trump voters think he should stay EVEN IF collusion is found?? Treason is peachy fine in the White House, but taking a knee at a football game is unpatriotic? Someone fill up my tank of outrage, I’m on empty.


But it’s kinda working… from the same poll:

75% of Trump voters claim the entire Russia story is “fake news."

@catone totally. I think this is a great examples of the commitment bias at work. Trump voters are slower to change their minds.

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