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Updated 11/7/2017 9:38 AM PST

1/ Carter Page testified that he received permission from Corey Lewandowski to visit Moscow in July 2016, he told the House intelligence committee during a seven hour testimony yesterday. Page also told senior campaign officials Sam Clovis, Hope Hicks, and JD Gordon, as well as then-Senator Jeff Sessions about his trip to Russia. When he returned, Page sent an email to campaign officials saying he had received "incredible insights and outreach" from "senior members" of Putin’s administration and suggested that Trump should make a foreign policy speech in Russia and "raise the temperature a little bit." Page maintains that his trip was made was as a private citizen and unrelated to his role with the Trump campaign. (CNN / NBC News / Washington Post)

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Does collusion with Russia on this scale seem to be unusual? I understand politicians need to talk to foreign leaders and their reps - but why so much contact?
The real crime here is not reporting the contacts as agents-why not, unless there is something to hide. Then for the Trump campaign to disconnect from everyone who comes out with info - is also puzzling.
Looking at this from the outside, the whole committee and most of the present administration - is corrupt or concealing facts. In Canada, that is called ‘lying’.
Only thing remaining to be seen - who is indicted and who goes to jail.

Thankfully you spotted this! I completely missed this (and I’m usually pretty good at keeping up with them), must be all the Election Day excitement! :grin: