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Day 318

1/ Biden signed legislation to keep the government funded through Feb. 18 after Republicans dropped a threat to force a shutdown over the administration’s vaccine mandates. The House passed the measure 221-212, sending it to the Senate, where a handful of Republican senators threatened to hold up the measure over the Biden administration’s vaccine-or-test mandate on private employers. Senators, however, voted down an amendment on the issue on a 48-to-50 vote, with two Republicans absent. The Senate then voted 69-28 to approve the spending bill. “Funding the government isn’t a great achievement,” Biden said. “It’s a bare minimum of what we need to get done.” Democrats and Republicans will now turn to several must-pass items in the coming weeks, which include increasing the debt limit and passing the annual National Defense Authorization Act. Chuck Schumer has also promised a vote before Christmas on Biden’s roughly $2 trillion Build Back Better legislation. (NPR / Wall Street Journal / New York Times / ABC News / Washington Post / CNBC)

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I note this Joel Osteen case since he’s a right-wing conservative type who has before been singled out for his greed.

This case shows the man is dumb as dirt. Of the $600k “stolen”, $400k came from checks and money orders, all written on two days: March 8th and 9th, 2014. March 9th was a Sunday, meaning many of these were probably written or taken out the day before, as people are wont to do.

I don’t get what he could have thought he’d do with them. For one, many banks won’t cash checks after a certain point, or will be wary of fraud, and with THAT many he couldn’t have done it all at once, either without raising serious red flags.

It’s possible he just wanted the cash, being the greedy bastard he is, but then why keep the rest, which is evidence of your deeds? Greed? Fear? Plain stupidity? Wow.


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