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Day 329

Updated 12/14/2017 9:12 AM PST

1/ The FCC will vote on the future of net neutrality today, which requires internet service providers to treat all web traffic equally. The measure is expected to pass 3-2 with the Republican appointees supporting repeal and the Democratic appointees opposing. 52% of voters support the rules that are in place. (The Hill / NPR / Fortune)

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There’s also this story from Politico last night. :see_no_evil:


So basically they’re not informing the President regarding anything Russian related?? :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Everything I read about this, just leaves me more confused…he’s leaving “after the 2018 mid-terms”, do that mean that he is not running for reelection? or if he’s reelected in 2018, that would be his last term?

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