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Day 335

Updated 12/20/2017 9:59 AM PST

1/ The Republican tax bill passed the Senate in a 51 to 48 vote. No Democrats backed the bill. The House will now need to vote on the bill again after three provisions that violated Senate budget rules had to be removed. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is expected to head to Trump's desk in the coming days. (New York Times / Washington Post)

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I don’t often find humor in the news any more, but I “miscued” again, and in the NBC poll, I saw that 36% would vote for Trump again, and that 38% of THOSE were DEAD. I believe the remaining 62% are morons, bigots, and billionaires. I guess that’s gallows humor, or maybe graveyard humor, but I’ll take whatever I can get.

I’m a Berniecrat, but I’m also registered Democrat. Yes, the party has let down America and continues to do so. But almost every month I send what I can ($2 here, $4 there) to individual candidates that I agree with–or whose election is strategically important (Doug Jones, for example). Because as much as I’m guilty of a lifetime of litmus tests on issues that are critical to me, I’ve come to learn that, at times, we can and must work together, even if we disagree at other times. For the first time in over 30 years, for instance, I voted for a Republican at the County Level, because he runs a nonpartisan office and his challenger who was also a Republican was the WORST kind, with violence and suggestions of corruption, and a pledge to “reopen” the door that the incumbent had closed to law enforcement.Which of course wasn’t true to begin with, but was kind of a dog whistle. It will be awhile before I start sending cash to the DNC again, though.

No good news today, it seems. I’m incensed that they took DACA off the table. The one time there’s something we can actually bargain for, and they just roll over like a good dog.

They’ve learned nothing. Stop moving to the right to chase votes! >_<

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Agreed- it is gallows humor all the way.I am disgusted in the Dems. They have nothing to say? DACA is now off the table? CHIP will expire!!! And Trump brags he’s killed the ACA with the repeal of the mandate. Makes me want to vomit. This much pain inflicted on so many. The icing on the cake?? Trump JR is taking now charging the government with treason? And Nikki Haley is taking names!! Wonder Woman WE NEED YOU NOW!