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Updated 1/8/2018 9:42 AM PST

1/ Trump's legal team anticipates that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will ask to interview Trump as part of the Russia probe. The team wants to submit written responses to Mueller's questions instead of having Trump appear for a formal, one-on-one sit-down. One person with direct knowledge of the discussions described them as "preliminary and ongoing." (NBC News)

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As many people are overlooking, Bannon never actually apologizes in his statement. He “expressed regret”…(only for not issuing the statement earlier).


Is it just me, or are the notables more newsworthy than the main article today?

It might just be a preference, but I’m more interested in the policy stuff, like the Salvadorin residency, than intrigue.

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good point! updating! thanks!

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I try to write a set of “blurbs” that tell the narrative of the day and then use the Notables section for the more in the weeds stuff, which wouldn’t have been covered otherwise. It’s an attempt to strike a balance.

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Did Miller say he has been traveling with Trump on “Trumpforce One”?

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I believe it was in reference to the campaign, when Trump used his private jet: Trump Force One

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After telling reporters for months he was seeking reelection, Ed Royce becomes the 31st GOP Congressman to retire at the end of this term. CA-39 of the 7 districts that Clinton won in 2016, but elected a GOP Congresssman.

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They set themselves up pretty well with that tax scam bill… :disappointed:

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what the actual fuck?


The whole discussion about Oprah for President is really bugging me. It speaks volumes about our inability to push qualified leaders in the Democratic Party forward. I heard a great comment tonight on MSNBC … it’s a lazy choice
because she comes with an established brand and name recognition. I fear that we’d have to suffer MORE years of newby syndrome if another business person follows Trump into the Oval Office. It also makes me nervous that she is so revered. People seem to worship her. That never ends well and our country needs a strong choice, not a lazy choice.


I agree. No more Brands, let’s elect a qualified person that has both policy expirence and mad administrative skills. When you elect a President you also elect the leaders of an entire branch of government. This is serious commitment, with implications that could last for generations. Oprah is a very inspiring, very nice lady and all but no more TV stars please!

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This is pretty hilarious. They should probably take away his Presidency and or citizenship for not knowing the words to the national anthem.


My take on that. But I’m evil.


Oh, and this happened.


Haha!..I noticed that too but I thought it was my imagination.


I dare to wonder why Stephen Miller looked completely glazed over while talking AT Trapper. Did he blink at all? Reminds me of the look Conway has when she speaks. Hmmm…just part of the twilight zone or stepford wives saga?


Huh? Like, really?