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Day 355

Updated 1/9/2018 9:23 AM PST

1/ Trump's secretaries of state and defense are trying to convince him not to conduct a "bloody nose" attack against North Korea. Mattis and Tillerson are warning Trump that "a sharp, violent response to some North Korean provocation" is risky and could result in a global – possibly nuclear – catastrophe. (Business Insider)

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There’s been some further reporting on this…it seems that “walk-in” source was the Australian diplomat and the Trump campaign insider was Papadopoulos, but via the Australian diplomat.



A win for #FairMaps!!


Nice but temporary


This year is starting to look better already, eh? After all the shenanigans by the likes of Devin Nunes & other GOP scoundrels, I am SO PROUD of Senator Dianne Feinstein today, for doing what had to be done (-so there!?) in releasing the transcript. Add to that the joy of seeing Scruffy Steve out of work & out of relevance, the court calling out gerrymandering in North Carolina, and talks to get North Korea to participate in the upcoming Olympic games (hey, it’s a start?)…so many things are looking up today, it’s giving me some much-needed hope.

The trump vision of a “bloody nose” attack on Korea will hopefully be blocked…and I’m encouraged that there is increasing pressure to require a mental evaluation of all future presidential candidates (the “stable genius” test), now that our “dear leader” has shown such a glaring need for this. Live & learn…


Trump’s Tuesday somewhat-odd-televised immigration meeting transcript was curiously missing a single line – the line where he agrees with Senator Feinstein in support support of a clean DACA bill… :thinking:

The WH response, when called out on it:

“any omission from the transcript was unintentional and that the context of the conversation was clear.”

Riiiight. :roll_eyes:


As some have pointed out, trump corroborates the Wolff book, “Fire & Fury”, in that he tends to agree with whatever the last convincing person said…proving just how “out of it” and easily manipulated he typically is, and just how dangerously unfit for the job of POTUS. Even if he wasn’t a corrupt traitor, he’s just a mental mess!

The plot thickens…Bannon is out at Sirius XM too.

Apparently, Bannon was not aware that the Sirius XM outster was coming and also Sleeping Giants played the other big role in his leaving Breitbart (as well as the fact that he had to divest majority of his stake in Breitbart when he went to the WH - so it had less control over him staying/leaving).


bigger they come, harder they fall…