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Day 369

I compare trump to Hitler because of the way both stirred up hate for specific groups, based on race or religion. And as we watch the GOP turn into a more cohesive party in support of trump’s agenda no matter what it does to the security of our country or to the rule of law, it gets easier by the day to picture them goose-stepping behind him in Congress…sorry, but I think we have every reason to be :open_mouth: about what we’re seeing, and I’m seeing some pretty well-known faces expressing their own fear on the airwaves. I also think such authoritarians may all have their own skill-set & “style” but to me, they all have more in common than not. One more thing: comparing trump to Berlusconi might work for some, but Hitler is far more well-known when making a point.

What Pet said. Fascism and corruption take many forms, and it’s important to recognize the brand we’re dealing with, and how to combat it.

Plus, the main point here is that Trump wishes he had the charisma and focus Hitler had. The ones he’s more comparable to are the ones who bungled their way into authoritarianism.


Would somebody please tell Hinckley that Trump is banging Jodi Foster

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While trump may be bungling, I don’t think you can say the same about Putin, & we must not forget that our president is Putin’s puppet.

I shouldn’t be laughing at that because it’s so inappropriate, but I just spit my drink out.

Putin picked Trump as his inside man, that’s a pretty big bungle. Lol. He couldn’t have picked a louder or less intelligent candidate to back. Just look at how much information that’s available to the public and thats only a fraction of what our intel community knows. Trump will go down like Nixon and Bill Clinton, it’s just a matter of time.


Soon though, I hope…I want his tiny nasty hands off our country, because he continues to erode so many good policies that protect our health, education, environment & rule of law. I am so NOT amused at his choice of “all the best people”, all of whom are just as self-serving as trump, nor at the way his incontinent misinformation sows division among our diverse population.

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W[quote=“elaphe, post:30, topic:1849”]
I am so NOT amused at his choice of “all the best people”, all of whom are just as self-serving as trump, nor at the way his incontinent misinformation sows division among our diverse population.

That is one of the real dangers of this administration right there. His staff and appointees are the worst people imaginable and will cause real and lasting harm to our institutions. This one and the threat of nuclear war are my top two dangers to watch.


I think a good reference point here is Julia Ioffee’s piece in The Atlantic “What Putin Really Wants”, where she explains how Putin likely isn’t the mastermind he is made out to be.

A good tl;dr is her interview with Trevor Noah, where is talks about her theory of “Russia as a teenage boy” theory.


Sweet, thanks! I find the subject of the real dangers and long-term effects of the Trump Era endless fascinating. :nerd_face:

I started thinking about it more since I’ve been reading the book How Democracies Die and they talk about the erosion norms as being a sign of real danger. They found specifically Trumps a lack of forbearance and attacks the media the authors found to be troubling. Really insightful book, I haven’t finished it yet but so far, I recommend it.

Here’s the interview that turned me on to this book. :point_down:

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I believe Schummer is a lot more crafty than you think. Closing down gov’t got CHIP, and ‘caving’ in also put the clock on the republicans to get DACA done. If they don 'think- Americans will accept a shutdown because they did not fulfil their promise. How CR’s can be tolerated over and over again is ridiculous. The congressional republicans will NEVER vote for any leniency for anything to do with immigrants-so Schummer will win the next battle-no matter how it ends up.


Sarah Huckabee said in the WH briefing that the graham/ Durban DACA was DoA. So bye bye wall!

It’s all negotiating…I think before so much of this wasn’t in the public spotlight, so we didn’t see/hear alot of the nitty-gritty details of the negotiations.

I think Schumer made a smart move – Trump didn’t hold up his end of the deal, so Schumer pulled his concessions that were tied to the deal. If he didn’t it wouldn’t only make me look weak and gullible to his colleagues, but to the public too – and especially Trump. Also, if he didn’t do it, he would be giving up all of his bargaining power and would essentially leave the Democrats at the mercy of Trump and the GOP, since there is only so much this minority can do in these situations.

I’m sure once they actually get a deal, the border funding (in some way, shape or form) will be included - but it won’t be without benefits to the Democrats too (like something immigration related…reform, DACA, etc; however, hopefully DACA will be taken care of prior, but you get the idea. :relieved:)