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Updated 1/23/2018 8:01 AM PST

1/ Jeff Sessions was questioned by Robert Mueller's team last week as part of the investigation into Russia's meddling in the election and whether Trump had obstructed justice since taking office. It's the first time that special counsel investigators have interviewed a member of Trump's cabinet. He was not under subpoena. (New York Times / CNN)

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Waiting for a Trump pardon in 3… 2… 1…

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The latest on What The Fuck Is #ReleaseTheMemo?

Press Release: Schiff, Feinstein Request Twitter and Facebook Conduct Investigation of Russian Bot Activity in #ReleaseTheMemo Campaign

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NYT & CNN just updated their stories to include…James Comey among those interview by Mueller last year. He was asked about his infamous ‘memos’ of all his interactions with Trump.


Now they’re fighting about the wall again. Schumer says Democrats are taking funding for the wall off the table. What do you all think?

(Ashley ) #6

It’s all negotiating…I think before so much of this wasn’t in the public spotlight, so we didn’t see/hear alot of the nitty-gritty details of the negotiations.

I think Schumer made a smart move – Trump didn’t hold up his end of the deal, so Schumer pulled his concessions that were tied to the deal. If he didn’t it wouldn’t only make me look weak and gullible to his colleagues, but to the public too – and especially Trump. Also, if he didn’t do it, he would be giving up all of his bargaining power and would essentially leave the Democrats at the mercy of Trump and the GOP, since there is only so much this minority can do in these situations.

I’m sure once they actually get a deal, the border funding (in some way, shape or form) will be included - but it won’t be without benefits to the Democrats too (like something immigration related…reform, DACA, etc; however, hopefully DACA will be taken care of prior, but you get the idea. :relieved:)

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I agree with you 100%. I don’t think this means there will be no funding for the wall. I just think Schumer is going to start from scratch and see where it goes. While I’m not sure what might be more tempting, there may be a different carrot Schumer could wave in front of the President/Republicans that might be as/more appealing. The point is he has some leverage again to get the deal he wants. Of course, this could all turn into a pissing contest and we end up with a repeat of this past weekend in a couple of weeks. If I had to bet money, that’s where I’d be at the moment.

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Today’s was my favorite “today in one sentence” yet. And you know I’m a sucker for semicolons!

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I believe Schummer is a lot more crafty than you think. Closing down gov’t got CHIP, and ‘caving’ in also put the clock on the republicans to get DACA done. If they don 'think- Americans will accept a shutdown because they did not fulfil their promise. How CR’s can be tolerated over and over again is ridiculous. The congressional republicans will NEVER vote for any leniency for anything to do with immigrants-so Schummer will win the next battle-no matter how it ends up.

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Congrats on the women’s March! How about the guys getting off their a$$es and do another ‘million mom’ March-but for a different cause!

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thanks! it’s obviously a pretty liberal definition of “sentence”

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Huh? Men turned out for the Women’s March – both times.

(Ashley ) #13

There were tons of guys here in LA! And also, lots of male allies as speakers.

Also, kudos to the guy I saw who wore this :point_down:t3: shirt on Saturday! :clap:t3:

I may or may not have the matching onesie-pajamas. lol :grin:

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Sarah Huckabee said in the WH briefing that the graham/ Durban DACA was DoA. So bye bye wall!

(Amy Ginsburg) #15

You may have spoken too soon. So now, Trump wants $25 billion for his wall in exchange for creating a path to citizenship for all of the dreamer/daca kids. All I can do is just sit here and imagine how much good could be done in this country by putting that money to a more constructive use. Instead, it’s going to be used to create a boundary that may be impossible to actually build in certain areas and which isn’t as necessary as it once was. According to an article at the Pew Research site from March, 2017: _More non-Mexicans than Mexicans were apprehended at U.S. borders in fiscal year 2016 for the second time on record (the first was in fiscal 2014.) In fiscal 2016, 192,969 Mexicans were apprehended, a sharp drop from a peak of 1.6 million apprehensions in 2000. The decline in apprehensions reflects the decrease in the number of unauthorized Mexican immigrants coming to the U.S. So maybe Trump really views this as the Trump Monument?? It just won’t reside in DC like all of the others. All the time being spent discussing, negotiating, fighting over the wall just seems to be a huge waste of time because our President wants to solve a problem that simply isn’t that large. Surely a businessman would understand the notion of Return on Investment. I fail to see any kind of ROI for this project. If he really wanted to use his business skills in DC, he’d be evaluating everything on that basis.

(Lynn) #16

I think you’re correct that this wall represents trump flexing his “muscles”…I’m a little surprised he doesn’t want it to be gold? :roll_eyes: But walls also come in handy for dictators & personally, I think the only wall we build ought to be around HIM. Like you, I see it as a vast waste of our tax dollars…& remember that this idiotic plan probably originated from Putin, who’d like nothing better than to see our nation FAIL…look at all the corrupt incompetent stooges that 45 has put in positions of importance…that too makes our country weak. Did 45 think this up by himself? I don’t give him that much credit for brains. He’s rotten in business & his ego falls for any plan that makes him look “powerful”. He is very easily manipulated by others, & Putin is a pro.
Anyway, why would we need a wall now? With such a jackass running our country, does ANYONE still want IN??? It seems more likely to me that the wall is to keep us all from running away.

One other thing about “the wall” that isn’t talked about much is the detrimental impact it will have on migratory wildlife…something very near & dear to my heart. But since the GOP & 45 are denying science & trying to destroy all the regulations we have that protect nature, this doesn’t bother them one bit…what a shameful travesty!

(Gord) #17

Well… good luck United States of America.
Trump is about to dump heads if FBI and DOJ - and you are letting your new Hitler do as he pleases.
If you don’t understand, read a synopsis of how Hitler took over and kept his power.
You guys are in for a world of hurt if this happens!


I like your passion but going straight to a Hilter comparison is kinda hyperbolic. Trump isn’t a hard core ideologue like Hilter.

(Amy Ginsburg) #19

I’m not sure Hitler was either in the beginning.


@Amy0204 :roll_eyes: If anything Trump is like former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi.