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Updated 1/26/2018 9:22 AM PST

1/ Trump tried to fire Robert Mueller in June, but backed down after Don McGahn threatened to quit if Trump went through with it. After receiving the order from Trump, the White House counsel refused to ask the Justice Department to fire Mueller and said he would resign instead. Mueller learned about Trump's intention in recent months through interviews with current and former senior White House officials. (New York Times / Washington Post)

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If I could be sure that firing Mueller in June would have immediately touched off an impeachment, then I almost wish trump had done it, and saved us from this horrid year of watching him occupy the White House and trashing our country. But we’ll just have to live with the fantasy of “what if”?


trump is nothing more than one big gas bubble. Anytime he opens his mouth, he is lying, and it’s only to serve his own purpose. I could never have imagined a president who is less presidential* than this A-hole. (-and that’s the ONLY thing I give him an “A” for!) *He has no interest in “doing the job”, never for representing Americans, he’s only for himself & his cohorts. Even as he’s bragging about his crowd sizes yet again, I’m so glad to hear the boo’s!

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