Day 377

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Updated 1/31/2018 9:35 AM PST

1/ The Justice Department turned over documents on a proposed Jeff Sessions resignation prior to his interview with Robert Mueller's team. The documents also included emails with the White House about Michael Flynn. (ABC News)

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(Lynn) #2

Am I the only one who finds it terribly appropriate that the “train-wreck” that IS the GOP just experienced a very real train wreck??? WTF! :open_mouth:

(Matt Kiser) #3

today is completely upside down. just re-wrote the daily update :joy:

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(Matt Kiser) #5

i guess this confirms that trump likes to ask for loyalty pledges…

(Lynn) #6

Ya think? :rofl: Just like a mob boss, not remotely like a president or any sort of “public servant”. :scream:

(Matt Kiser) #7



Imagine that? It’s as if some people are actually capable of separating their personal views from their professional responsibilities.

(Amy Ginsburg) #9

Seems like a great example of irony. As much as I feel for the victims and their families, I have to admit that I was a little bit amused when I heard the news. I’m sorry anybody was hurt, but I also feel that the Universe demands retribution. Perhaps this is just the start. A good friend of mine who is a minister truly believes that Satan, himself, has returned to earth and you can see his presence in how people behave towards one another, in nature as demonstrated by the hurricanes, the fires and the CA mudslides, in the escalation of tensions between countries - and the list keeps growing. I’m not one to assign persona to good and evil, but sometimes I wonder if my friend is on to something. I wonder if those GOP folks who were on that train are saying their prayers tonight, if for no other reason than to be grateful that their lives were spared. I believe that Trump and many of his henchmen are the epitome of evil. It’s enough that I’ve started praying from time to time.

(Arlene) #10

Methinks the CNN Mousseline reference suits. We Canadians watch with fascinated horror…

(Madelyn Thompson) #11

Amy 0204 - your response about your minister friend totally resonates with me. I have long felt that Satan has returned to earth and is inhabiting the body of one orange person. I think that he made a pact with the devil and as part of that, his cohorts on congress are looking the other way. Ultimately and eventually, though, good will triumph. It’s just so hard to sit and watch this ‘train wreck’ happen. That was no coincidence either. It was downright Jungian in its impact.

(Ashley ) #12

This is actually quite shocking, especially because SOTU speeches typical skew more favorable because a lot of time the opposing party’s base (idk the right term here? lol) doesn’t even watch. Since Trump exasperates all-things-partisan that was even more so this time in “normal” years, with active counter-programming campaigns/events, etc.


I guess Nostradamus got it wrong, the “King of Terror” will not be coming from the east wearing a blue turban, he’ll be coming from the west wearing an orange one…

(Amy Ginsburg) #14

Or maybe he will have that blue turban after all…