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Day 382

Ya think? but why should he even have any choice whatsoever in the matter? I don’t care who or what he is, he’s NOT above the laws.

Totally off topic, but if I had the cash, I’d go for TGT. They’re ripe for picking and Amazon is looking for a retailer with visibility and and broad distribution.

And you’re welcome. It was a risky comment (too much potential to offend), but I understand where you’re coming from.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I’m beginning to find this memo battle tiresome. Nunes has his 15 minutes of fame, much of which has been discredited. Do the Dems really accomplish anything at this point by putting their rebuttal out there? Does the public really care that much? I live in an insulated world, but I keep wondering whether the original memo or the response, should it be released, are going to influence public opinion that much. At this point, I think the lines in the sand have been drawn and people have already decided who the villains are. The initial release, in retrospect, was all drama and no substance. I personally see no reason to refute it. It fizzled out on its own. All the Dems are doing is inciting more juvenile behavior from Trump. Every time I hear of a new tweet of his, I just cringe. I’m just tired of the memo rivalry. If I want to watch a competition, I’ll tune into the Olympics next week and I’m not even a fan of winter sports. I truly hope they serve as a good distraction for citizens and leaders, alike. It truly is the worst of times…when do we experience the best of times?

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The best (and worst) part about this is that the Dow’s drop today completely erased the entire year’s gain (AP).

CBS found this secretary…she’s not happy to say the least. :hushed: Randy Bryce (Ryan’s potentional Democratic challenger) raised $150,000 off of Ryan’s tone-deaf tweet.

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Yes and yes, in my opinion. Even if just for historical purposes, this period in time will be detailed and studied at great length by historians and history doesn’t always “see both sides” as we may in the normal course of everyday life.


This memo battle is ridiculous and shouldn’t have happened in the first place. The conspiracy beyond silly and frankly hard to understand.

I agree, it’s a total distraction from the immigration talks happening right now. The government could shut down this week too. There’s so much discussion to be had and the House gets all the attention for these memos. Only real policy should matter this week. It’s very disappointing.


I’m so glad I trademarked The Memo™ before the start of all this


It certainly makes for good shorthand.

I don’t know, for me it made a great distraction to the other “Storm” that was brewing. Certainly the pay off for Miss Daniels NDA violated some campaign finance laws.

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So much corruption & “bad behavior” it’s a challenge (ie. full-time job) to keep up with.

yep. sure is :joy:

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I meant for prosecutors, but yeah, you too! :hugs:

Sean Hannity did it for him…the drop because of the “weak economy” left by President Obama.

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I knew that was coming…:roll_eyes: I’ve lived a while but I just don’t remember THIS much blatant dishonesty ever coming from political pundits? Frightful times we’re living in, frightful to see how many willingly believe & support the unthinkable. :anguished:

Was that a bucket of ice water that I just heard, splashing all over the White House? I can hardly wait 'til you-know-who tries to blame it on Obama, somehow…:roll_eyes:

The New Yorker ran a Spoof on Trump firing the DOW, it’s funny

It’s a good time to buy, if you’re in it for the long haul. I know the official reason is reaction to inflation, anticipation of interest rate increase, problems in the bond market, etc. but I have to wonder if this could be partially due to a growing lack of confidence in Trump.

I guess this might be payback because the ones who may be hit the hardest by the market drop will be those who have the most invested and that usually correlates with those who have the most wealth, e.g. the individuals most likely to benefit from the new tax laws. On the other hand, a significant capital loss would only serve to benefit them because it could reduce their taxes even more.