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Updated 2/5/2018 11:31 AM PST

1/ Senators John McCain and Christopher Coons will introduce a bipartisan immigration deal aimed at reaching a budget deal before the federal government's current funding expires on Friday. The legislation does not contain funding for the border wall. (Wall Street Journal)

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Grassley & Graham Criminal Referral of Steele Dossier

The new Fed Chair, Jarome Powell starts today, let’s see how he’s doing.

Huh, that sounds bad.

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Was that a bucket of ice water that I just heard, splashing all over the White House? I can hardly wait 'til you-know-who tries to blame it on Obama, somehow…:roll_eyes:

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The markets are crazy right now.


Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s last day was Saturday, Friday was her last workday. Here is her exit interview, it’s a nice read.


The New Yorker ran a Spoof on Trump firing the DOW, it’s funny


My 401(k) is not impressed right now.


And it could leave Trump with regret about jettisoning a Fed chair whom Wall Street came to love. “For the past four years, Yellen was the fairy godmother of the bull market,” said Yardeni. “And now that she’s gone, maybe we don’t get the fairy dust anymore.”


“Set himself up”?, Good luck with that theory, I wonder if Trump in reflecting on all of his self praise has ever considered that the last guy that was perfect was crucified🤔


So much for Trump not jepoardizing free speech.


@Ron Um, what? I didn’t follow.

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It’s a good time to buy, if you’re in it for the long haul. I know the official reason is reaction to inflation, anticipation of interest rate increase, problems in the bond market, etc. but I have to wonder if this could be partially due to a growing lack of confidence in Trump.

I guess this might be payback because the ones who may be hit the hardest by the market drop will be those who have the most invested and that usually correlates with those who have the most wealth, e.g. the individuals most likely to benefit from the new tax laws. On the other hand, a significant capital loss would only serve to benefit them because it could reduce their taxes even more.

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I think he’s suggesting that Trump’s comments make it sound as if expects the public to treat him as if he were god-like. There’s only one other person in history who people perceived that way and he ended up dying on a cross. (@Ron - please correct me if I’m wrong).


The tale of two memos.


Thanks for answering to Ron but I still find it completely irrelevant to the topic. :v:


Yes it was


I imagine this will eventually get put into the daily briefing, but here is the partialy redacted criminal referral of the Steele dossier from Sens. Grassley and Graham

Don’t really get much new, same as they’ve always been saying: misleading information, Clinton-funded, blah blah blah.


That’s just abusive language. Here’s famed MIT linguist Noam Chomsky on the subject.

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Trump’s next Twitter: " IT WAS OBAMA’s FAULT"

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Now… Let me get this right- Democrats are treasonous for ‘not clapping’ - but Trump and his minions can collude with Russians. Different set of values in US than here in Canada!