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Updated 2/7/2018 1:36 PM PST

1/ Senate leaders struck a budget deal to increase defense and domestic spending by about $315 billion over two years and add $90 billion more in disaster aid for victims of recent hurricanes and wildfires. The agreement also includes a four-year extension for the Children's Health Insurance Program, in addition to the six-year extension that Congress approved last month. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the White . House supported the packing, calling it "steps forward." A vote on the plan in the Senate could come as soon as this afternoon. (New York Times / Washington Post)

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(Matt Kiser) #2

Hey, sorry for the delay in today’s update. I had some stuff to sort out that was out of my control.

(Lynn) #3

That’s life, no apology needed.

(Ashley ) #4

There’s a great deal of irony here given that Pelosi (who is 77) just broke the record for longest ever recorded House speech - holding the floor for 8+ hrs in support of DACA. The 2nd longest was 5 hrs and 15 mins in 1909.

(Lynn) #5

I thought it was incredible even before you reminded me that she’s 77 years of age. I’m impressed.
That takes some serious passion & sheer stamina.

(Ron Watt) #6

On the Military Parade… interesting angle from Politico.

(Lynn) #7

Let me clarify, I’m not “liking” what trump is doing (wasting money on a stupid parade instead of on infrastructure or other important things), only liking that you called attention to it. I think we have to
expect such things from him, he’s not acting in the best interest of our country…it’s so so obvious.

(Ashley ) #8

Also, girl did it in 4-inch heels! :selfie:t3: :high_heel:



Note that this was written by a former speechwriter for George H.W. Bush.

What the hell is it with the military being lauded as this marvelous, wonderful institution that deserves praise and accolades for… for what? Neo-imperialism? Budgetary bloat and waste?

Just because it’s a money pit does not mean it’s glamorous and prestigious. This politico piece is fanservice for Trump, trying to make it seem “normal” to enjoy it, and cast its critics as outliers. (Just those silly Democrats, who aren’t allowed to comment on wasteful spending, because they don’t push for smaller budgets!)

This article steams my hams.

(Ron Watt) #10

No doubt Zilla, I concur… It’s definitely from Trump’s side / viewpoint.
And Lynn, Trump is definitely playing for a win, for him… everyone else loses.

Will this angle work for him?

(Sally) #11

Think about it! In addition, Rosa DeLauro is 74. Dianne Feinstein is 84. Hillary Clinton is 70. Dynamic women who aren’t afraid to stir the pot.

(Lynn) #12

One nice thing about getting older, Sally- it frees you to do things that you might have been intimidated to try at an earlier time in your life, when you were busy fearing “what will people think or say about me?”.
By the time you get a little older, you realize you’re running out of time to make a difference, and that’s way more important than your critics. History takes the long view…

(Lynn) #13

Pssst: It’s a “boys club”. :wink: And trump is just looking for a chance to puff himself up, & to make it harder for the average American (that hasn’t been following the whole ‘Russia’ scandal) to believe that he could have done something so un-American & traitorous, as we’re approaching the moment for Mueller to interview him & for him to react with either answers or taking the 5th. As usual, he’s just a salesman & he’s hoping that the majority remains gullible.

(Sally) #14

Lynn. I’ve definitely found that true in my dotage. No threshold for BS!