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Updated 2/8/2018 10:24 AM PST

1/ Russian hackers penetrated voter registration rolls in several U.S. states before the 2016 presidential election. A Homeland Security Department official said that of the 21 states that were targeted, a "small number" were successfully penetrated. Officials maintain that there is no evidence that voter rolls were altered. (NBC News)

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After all, that’s worked so well the past several decades this has been done.


Not bloody likely. Big Pharma = $. And lest we forget: “My dad is not racist. He only sees one colour. Green.”


Nah he’s going to go after the dealers and pushers out on the streets with their pharmaceutical grade labs and multi-billion dollar marketing programs.

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Zilla, I’ve seen it and likewise highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. So illuminating. It’s still streaming on Netflix: 13TH | Netflix Official Site

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I’m confused (again).
So, if you asked for a reference to allow someone to take care of your kids- would one not be curious if that recommendation did not happen?
If a company ran a security check on an employee, and that employee did not pass-would you give him a job?
If a senator has someone working in his office, would you not go through a vetting of that employee?
Now, Trump says he is so in favour of “extreme” vetting of immigrants-would not one expect him to vet an employee?
And again, If you work with someone, and you know that someone did something wrong-might you not tell that person to ’ be careful’?
I just don’t get it!?!

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(reply to Gordo)
Any official or CEO worth 2 cents and looking out for their country or company certainly would do that.
But that, sadly, is NOT what we have here right now, & we have a party (GOP) full of enablers (willing to do anything for power, and some I believe will turn out to be “in” on the shenanigans). I do not buy for one bit that trump & pals are just ignorant to the ways of politics…that’s what briefings are for. No, this is a deliberate trashing of our laws, norms & culture, while they line their own pockets as fast as possible.

Have you ever heard the saying “birds of a feather flock together”? What we have are criminally corrupt types who don’t mind one bit if their employees are “flawed”…that gives them leverage to make sure they are & remain “loyal” & tight-lipped about the boss…much the way organized crime seems to operate. And I can hardly wait for the proof to come out in court & for all of them to be just a horrible chapter in history from which the gullible learn.

I’m surprised there hasn’t been more coverage of this – I actually thought the charges were dropped because I hadn’t heard anything, since this first started almost a year ago now.

Also, fun fact: it has been suggested that Darrell Issa might run in this district in 2018 midterms (even tho he is retiring from the CA49). Hunter won his district by 26pts in 2016, Trump won it by 15 pts, BUT Romney only won it by 14 pts in 2012. :thinking:

I think your confusion stems from a breakdown in the logic: these are not all rational actors.


I love that I’m following @matt ‘s comment about logic with this question, but is Rand Paul really just trying to shut down the govt “because he can” on a lone windmill chase? Or was he instructed to do this by…someone? I know the senate sources in that article say there hasn’t been any plan to back RP, but what the hell is going on. There’s no way he genuinely cares about fiscal responsibility this much.

Of course not. He’s going to use this as another reason to build his wall since all of those drugs are being brought into the U.S. by illegal immigrants working for Mexican drug lords.

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Is anybody else bothered by the fact that nobody was that concerned about the alleged abuse until the picture of the ex wife’s black eye was published? Apparently, abuse is not a real thing unless there is physical evidence. How many of the men running our government don’t even realize they’ve been abusive? And just to be fair, what about the women? Can you imagine what life with Kelly Ann or Sarah H.S. must be like after a tough day at the WH? And to hear Omarosa tell it on Big Brother, the women of the WH were getting a daily dose of verbal abuse too. Have we just become so passive about verbal/ psychological abuse that we don’t even recognize it anymore? No wonder we have bullying problems among our youth. How do you teach kids to stop when adult role models blindly do it all the time. Too bad you can’t see the scars left by verbal abuse. You don’t have credibility without a visual to go with the claim.


General Kelly recently lamented that he missed the good old days when women were “sacred”…
I’m starting to think that was a typo in his speech & that he meant to say “scared”? These guys all cover for each other…they have a lot in common.

Lynn, did you mean scared or scarred? Either one works.

Meant what I said but take your pick…as you said, either one works.

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Richard Painter (former Ethics lawyer under Bush) pointed this out on Chris Hayes tonight — he said that if it was the Bush or Obama WH, the investigation wouldn’t have even gotten as far to where the pictures would be of topic, because he would have immediately been removed from his position and administration upon the first allegations being known and that would have been applicable to anyone, regardless if they needed a security clearance or not. (There was a former Obama WH aide who confirmed this sentiment too.)


There’s no end to the hypocrisy of the trump gang…truly makes me sick.

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Well, how else are we going to fill all those for profit prisons with free labor?


So when 45 says he’s gonna get tough, really tough, with the drug pushers and dealers, do you think he means Big Phama’s opioid pushers and the doctors who distribute for them?