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Updated 2/9/2018 11:23 AM PST

1/ Top White House officials knew about the allegations of Rob Porter's verbal and physical abuse for months. White House Counsel Donald McGahn knew in January 2017 that accusations by Porter's ex-wives could threaten his security clearance. John Kelly learned this fall that the domestic violence claims were delaying Porter's security clearance after the FBI flagged its findings to the White House. He gave Porter more responsibilities. Until his resignation on Wednesday, Porter was one of Trump's most senior aides. The White House has said Kelly was not "fully aware" of the abuse until this week. (Washington Post / New York Times)

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Of COURSE they did…none of them have respect for their positions or for national security. They only pretend to care now because they got caught. As the saying goes, “birds of a feather”, but in the human world, such ‘birds’ cover for each other until it blows back on themselves. And trump can’t even bother to read his security briefings (if he CAN read?)…this is massive dereliction of duty. :confounded:

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Oh crap, now Rachel Brand is leaving (“jumping ship”) too!

D’you suppose all the good ones that have left (or were fired) are going to start up a new REAL government, & just leave trump & his minions alone in their alternative reality??? :sob:


Well, he may not have top security clearance just like the rest of his staff. What a waste of information. :roll_eyes: #trumpcantread

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But he soaks up the garbage on Fox so-called news instead. :exploding_head:


Late Breaking: Trump decides not the release the Demo Memo™

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What an ass-hole! They should just read it aloud…it can’t be a bigger security risk than what the trumps have done- as a matter of fact, I remember the Dems had it pre-vetted too.


Late Breaking:
David Sorensen, a White House speechwriter has resigned. He is accused of domestic violence against his wife. This is the second person this week to resign this under such allegations.

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Oh yeah, “all the best people”. :lying_face: And trump praised Porter all the way out the door, never a word for the women, oh no…


Now if you’ll excuse me there’s a pillow that I need to scream into until all this is over.


Wow! This is a must read from The NY Times. American Spies pay Russian Spies for NSA hacking tools and end up with compromising information on Trump?

BERLIN — After months of secret negotiations, a shadowy Russian bilked American spies out of $100,000 last year, promising to deliver stolen National Security Agency cyberweapons in a deal that he insisted would also include compromising material on President Trump, according to American and European intelligence officials.

But his apparent eagerness to sell the Trump “kompromat” — a Russian term for information used to gain leverage over someone — to American spies raised suspicions among officials that he was part of an operation to feed the information to United States intelligence agencies and pit them against Mr. Trump. Early in the negotiations, for instance, he dropped his asking price from about $10 million to just over $1 million. Then, a few months later, he showed the American businessman a 15-second clip of a video showing a man in a room talking to two women.

American intelligence officials were also wary of the purported kompromat the Russian wanted to sell. They saw the information, especially the video, as the stuff of tabloid gossip pages, not intelligence collection, American officials said.

The Intercept ran this story today too.