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Updated 2/15/2018 10:17 AM PST

1/ Trump, in a tweet, suggested that students and neighbors should have reported the Florida shooter to authorities, saying there were "so many signs" that the shooter "was mentally disturbed." A student who witnessed the shooting called out lawmakers on TV, looking directly into the camera and saying: "We're children. You guys are the adults. You need to take some action and play a role. Work together, come over your politics, and get something done." He added: "Ideas are great but without action, ideas stay ideas and children die." (NBC News / CNN)

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Wait… what day is it again? Deja vu, much?

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It’s always “too soon” to talk about gun control. Apparently it’s never “too soon” for victim blaming.


Also missed in today’s update:


I say we allow open carry in Congress…I bet they want to talk about it then!? What a bunch of jerks! (-the GOP) We need to get LOUD and STAY LOUD. Call & email your senators etc.

Here we go again, I get so pissed off. At the SOTU, Trump hilighted the mourning of a couple whose son was returned from the North Korean regime ill and then died, (we all know why) In the mean time Columbine parents have mourned for 19 fuckin years but it’s just to soon to do anything about it, Aurora parents, Nevada, …the list is so long. We’ve lost more children than from terrorist. All we hear is Mental illness, I’ll tell you what, first off, you gotta be mentally ill to want to own an assault rifle, secondly you must have a small penis, thirdly if your aim is that bad that you need a semi automatic you have no right owning a gun. FUCK! God damn fuckin gun nuts, fuck the gun industry, fuck the NRA and Fuck the Great orange messiah.


But how do you really feel, Ron? :wink:

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I hurt for all those parents


I know…we all do. This stuff shouldn’t keep happening…it’s ridiculous that people think they should own such weapons, and even more absurd that so many so-called lawmakers are so greedily on the take from the NRA that they will not do what’s right for the country, & what MOST people agree they want. There’s just NO excuse to allow these weapons, they aren’t for “hunting” or self-defense, only for killing people.
Maybe all the school-kids should have a gigantic march in Washington? It’s a national embarrassment…


The mental health argument always makes me so angry - because its not that I don’t disagree, I just think we need common sense gun laws AND a better system to promote better mental health all around and support for those struggling with mental health disorders.

I’m sorry - if you can’t buy a beer, you should NOT be able to legally purchase a gun. Period, end of story. Sadly, the shooter in FL obtain his gun(s) 100% legally (well, legal for FL).

To me, personally - everything around the 2nd amendment is a hot mess, because how its interpreted today (and how most of us know) - was an artiburarty interpretation based on a COMMA. There is a wealth of studies, papers, etc on the “Constitutional Conundrum of the Second Amendment commas”. It’s crazy. I posted about it a little before, back in October in the 📝 Must Read Op-Ed and Profiles thread.


And besides, when the 2nd Amendment was written, there was no way to know what weapons would become after so many years to follow, nor how our society would evolve to what we have now. It’s a far cry from a community “militia” for local defense…


My interpretation of the 2nd Amendment is so that Americans can stand guard against a tyrannical government. Not mow down your fellow man. As in tweets have replaced printing presses, same for guns, in other words a laptop will be that weapon. What upsets me is that these nuts claim to be Christians. To own a semi automatic is a direct contradiction to Christ teachings, 11 of his disciples myrtared themselves in his principles, they were not packing. Don’t even get me going there, I denounce organized religion in any form, just another weapon. As far as I am concerned these nuts that run around touting a flawed interpretation of the 2nd Amendment failed the the true spirit of it’s intent on October 26th 2001.
The families of the victims deserve a place at the table in fixing what is broken with the interpretation of said amendment. But that’s just my opinion, which I do not believe is a misinterpretation of the 1st.

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This arugument went out the window the second we learned how to drop bombs from planes. :grimacing:

Well, that argument more went out the window when our government became a military-industrial powerhouse to the point where defense-from-government was essentially pointless. Militarized police, basically.

And there’s a heck of a lot to be said about whether that’s a beneficial thing or not, in terms of giving the state exclusive rights on violence.


The thing that gets me about it being too soon is that this is going to keep happening. Think about it in terms of monster movies. “Oh, Godzilla knocked down another tower. We should hold a memorial service before we call out the guard. Oh, there goes another one. We better prepare another candlelight vigil.”


I cannot fathom why more people have not called out the NRA. Trump got gobs of dirty money from them, and he promised to do right by them in return. Done. (too bad about all the dead kids)
Mention of guns in his ridiculous speech yesterday? Er, no. Nowhere else in civilized cities do things like this happen. Or at least with such unbelievably rapid succession. NRA has congress and the president by the balls. Media Matters alum Eric Boehlert reported yesterday that even Russia gave NRA jillions in 2016. Who next? Why? How did we let this happen?

“And there’s a heck of a lot to be said about whether that’s a beneficial thing or not, in terms of giving the state exclusive rights on violence.”
Ask The great Sioux


That alone helps to damn the NRA’s seemingly-exalted position in this country: the Russians wouldn’t dream of allowing their own citizens to have such guns, much less open-carry…their only goal here is to further our national discord and weaken our country. Geez! How dumb (and/or greedy) can Republican voters be?

Inappropriate. There is never a need for that kind of violence, you will kindly refrain from this type of comment on this forum.