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Updated 3/12/2018 9:31 AM PDT

1/ Trump still "intends to" meet with special counsel Robert Mueller under oath, according to White House principal deputy press secretary Raj Shah. He added that Trump doesn't plan on firing Mueller, yet. "There's no intention whatsoever to fire Robert Mueller, the special counsel, right now," he said. "We've been fully cooperative. We respect their process. We're hoping it will come to a conclusion in the near future." (ABC News)

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Is it just me, or does anyone else think it’s weird that Megyn Kelly keeps scoring interviews with Putin?


If one is not already trending they seem to have no qualms creating them. #ButHerEmails

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Breaking late today. The GOP seems fine with basically not believing the handwriting on the wall about 1- meetings between Russian representatives and members of the Trump family and campaign 2. The intent of the Russian government to disrupt the democratic process in the US and the willingness of the Trump campaign to feed on that objective. During WWII behavior that leaned to favor the opposition or enemy would have been considered very unpatriotic. If they didn’t collude, how would the GOP describe what the Trump Campaign did in cooperation with the government of Putin?

I would pay a great deal of money to be able to sit in on the Trump interview!!!

It amazes me the lack of respect education gets in the US. Betsy De Vos is a complete embarrassment to every American. She has never visited an inner-city school? How can that happen?
Trump is willing to ‘fully fund’ the use of guns in classrooms-when many classrooms don’t have proper supplies. Teachers have to break the law to strike to get a $1,500 a year raise. How does Trump plan to ‘MAGA’ if teachers can’t teach - and hungry poorly supplied kids can’t learn?
Teachers need much more support from the taxpayers of each state. Voting for increases for education in your state will help solve part of the problem. Supply needy kids with full meal programs throuout the year.
Americans are going to have to take the bull by the horns-pay more taxes to get what is needed at the state level is a start.
Voting out ‘the NRA swamp’ in November is another.
Good luck my friends.


First, you have to define “great”: to trump, that means make America much whiter, with more money & control in the hands of a few, with all forthcoming “news” carefully censored to meet with his approval, & a big wall around the country (starting with our southern border with Mexico) to keep white citizens from leaving in droves. (The non-whites will already be in privately-run-for-profit prisons-) Of course, schools will be privatized too, & no longer required to teach reality or reasoning (those are dangerous & make people hard to control)…hell, we’ll probably start burning books too…in trump’s utopia. :face_vomiting:

I watched the DeVos interview, btw: my “admiration” really grew when she said she hasn’t gotten around to visiting any of the under-performing schools. This is part of trump’s plan to make America FAIL, there’s just no other way to put it. “Make America poor, sick & stupid…” Take away health care, wreck the schools, and keep people struggling to survive on low wages (while forcing them to have children they don’t want &/or can’t afford…) Meanwhile, remove restrictions on businesses, & especially Wall street…let nothing stand in the way of greed & corruption. “MAGA!” :scream:

It’s disappointing to hear that in all likelihood Mueller will hold off on the obstruction case until the other investigations wrap up…but I do trust Mueller to know what he’s doing. Still hoping for speed though. :persevere: We could use a “wrinkle in time” right about now!

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I’m still waiting to see more members of the GOP with the balls to tell Trumpster, FU.

Me too, but I’m not holding my breath. Only a small percentage of the ones retiring who realize their party has “left the building”, perhaps permanently when all is said & done? What’s crazy is that a few that have spoken [against trump] at times walk back what they said, unwilling to let go of power, in case he somehow survives all this? So I don’t trust them any more than the ones in lock-step, do you?

No. The GOP spent the O Admin trashing him and wishing they were in power, now they are and the money that bought them still has their list of “wants”.

Speaking of education & trump’s “great idea” to arm teachers…what’s gonna happen when a white teacher feels threatened & shoots a black kid by mistake? I suppose that will “prove” there should be segregation? And all these fools that want “open carry”…that’s just another way to take our society backwards as fast as possible, IMHO. (Please someone tell me this is just a bad dream?)

Tillerson is out !?!
Pompeo is a ‘yes’ man.
McMaster is next.
N. Korea will be interesting!
Steven Miller and Cohn filling Trump’s spongy brain with all kinds of crap.
No constraints on what he will say.
Can you imagine the tweets and sideshow the election season will be?
Trump will definitely be the Empereor with no clothes standing on a very cold Korean border.
He has no experience to fall back on, at all now.
The North Koreans will eat him alive!
But then again - the probability of the meeting even happening is probably less than 40%

Kim is getting lots of exposure on this, Reality tv at its best. Agree it may never happen.

We’d all like to be a “fly on the wall” for that…but I suspect Mueller doesn’t even need to interview him anyway, I think he’s tripping over all the evidence by now.

Seems like just more trump-Russia choreography to me.

I also have to wonder just how big of a distraction* trump is waiting for, before “agreeing to be interviewed” by Mueller & friends. (*In the hopes that hardly anyone will be watching…)

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I’m a bit more blunt than that…I call the GOP (trump included) “traitors”. The GOP is totally “in bed” with trump-Russia, & it’s blatantly obvious that they defend trump because if he goes down, so do they; while there may be some wearing the GOP label that weren’t “in on this” [slow-motion overthrow of our government], they’re all getting painted with the same brush now. Look how many have suddenly “decided” to retire from office? Not a coincidence…and the correct word is “conspiracy”.
The [Republicans on the] House Intel committee just made themselves look even more guilty in this, by refusing to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence & concluding their so-called investigation today.

The harm continues to our country, to our standing in the world, to our environment, to our public education, to our healthcare, to our journalists, to respect for the “truth” & to respect for all our diverse citizens…but I do agree with trump that we must now build a wall. I just differ on where it belongs…:smirk: (< around trump & pals!)

:thinking: So the corrupt found no evidence of corruption. Shocker.


And I believe Trump’s attorney general heads up this department…uh oh Jeff.
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