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Day 421

:rofl::joy::rofl: It’s hopeless with this White House. :joy::rofl::joy:

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I honestly don’t believe Sessions is safe just because he followed through. Trump can certainly get on his ass for taking so long. I’d like to believe the pettiness of this won’t escape Mueller’s attention. It’s easy enough to generalize from this. If Trump is capable of intimidating his appointees into doing something inappropriate, who else can he intimidate (hint: one’s initials are SD). Who knows? Maybe Michael Cohen paid off Sessions to do the deed. I’ve starting to wonder how many people are being officially or unofficially paid off for their loyalty and silence. I’d prefer$130k over a $5000 chair. But the truth is that they’re all getting fucked by Trump so they deserve something. The thought of it is more than my head can handle. Those little hands. Uggghhh!!!

I totally understand. I’m texting from my phone and I can’t text and/ or find the comments fast enoughto keep up.

And just when you thought there couldn’t be more tonight…?

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Is there room for one more scandal today?

And the following article talks about how maybe we should ignore possible corruption by Mattis in order to avoid armageddon. Mmmm… somehow I feel like I’m being extorted.


I did a little research. Federal employees are covered under Title 5 of the US Code.

There is sn office of Special Counsel to handle appeals from federal employees over alleged unfair employment practices.

This office has a staff of 120 ( not to be confused with Mueller’s office.)

This smells like Sessions was trying to show he has the balls to do it to Trump.

If a direct link can be shown to Trump for the firing it possibly adds to the impeachment case.

I wonder if the firing is a violation of the Hatch Act?

I haven’t seen a clear statement of the grounds for termination. If he is denied his pension benefit he has another action to appeal for legal purposes I believe, denial of benefits.

We will pay for any malfeasance in office by the office holders ultimately.

This will turn into a circus and add to the cluster f. Also makes we wonder if it’s a smoke screen to cover something else? Now I sound like a Reddit poster.


Hang in there Amy.

Jezzz wtf Tennessee?

No one has yet seen the IG’s report, but this sure adds to the shit-pile of intimidation of witnesses & out-right illegal acts by this administration. They are so far over the f***ing line. I can only imagine just how pissed off it’s making the other members of the FBI too. :smirk:

Even IF the IG’s report shows grounds for firing, the previous harassment that McCabe has endured from POTUS, plus the timing of this firing, clearly marks it as political more than for cause. This is NOT how you treat respected 21 year civil servants!!!

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Interesting, didn’t know the DOD was suppose to test this technology. I wonder if the SEC will be on Trump’s next sh#t list although I read he didn’t like Wall St. cause the downtowners snubbed him in NY.

Wow John Brennan unloads on Trump on Twitter.


Uh oh more notes.
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That’s very common in his line of work. :slightly_smiling_face: (Many others as well…like if you supervise people.)

Ya think Trump takes notes?

Unlikely, he’s too arrogant to think he needs them, plus crayon is so hard to read, but if they’re anything like his tweets, he needn’t bother.

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I think Trump is softening the blow of firing Mueller (now being called out by name in Tweets) by throwing a few body punches. Now he’s interested in sanctioning Russia? Why now? Because Mueller is going after his little company and all of it’s dirty, dirty books, bolstered by LLCs that came from anywhere that had money to launder.

The fact is money laundering and conspiracy are serious crimes. How long should you let a guy who has so much potential baggage be President? Ask Barry 4-Star McCaffrey. And what if he’s proven guilty, assuming we still have a judicial branch? Throw in his personal scandals, which in any other time & place, would NOT be cast side as much ado about nothing. The nerve of these people to ruthlessly attack Obama over petty things, like playing golf once a month, when this buffoon is burning down the house with pure incompetence, if nothing else. Inviting F&F News people to be cabinet members or arming teachers, his ideas are so bad, they are almost unbelievable.

I think he thinks he can fire Mueller and “his guys” will protect him. It’s a showdown - election cycle is kicking in, he doesn’t want to fuck up an election.


But the sanctions he just imposed are only a token gesture, NOT the sanctions that will really matter against Russia & that were previously approved. It’s NOT the same thing at all, he’s doing just the bare minimum he can get away with (like a kid cheating on his homework!) & just so he can give it “lip service” in face of mounting evidence currently in the news (ie. Russian ex-pats killed off in Britain).
He’s the same corrupt traitor he was last week, I can assure you.

And if you ask me, this sham has gone on FAR too long, but in the future, assuming we still have one, our laws must be changed to prevent this ever happening again. For one thing, if a candidate cannot pass a background check for the highest security clearance, they shouldn’t even be allowed to run. How about that? No matter HOW much audacity they have…


Yes to that! :point_up_2:It’s a matter of national security.


And all Presidential candidates must be required to release their complete tax forms (not just a summary) for the past 10 years and, if they become President, for every year they are in office.

Also, let’s make maintenance and publication of White House visitor logs mandatory. Obama did it voluntarily and, of course, Trump ended the practice immediately after taking office.