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1/ Trump invited Putin to the White House, according to Kremlin foreign policy aide Yuri Ushakov. "When our presidents spoke on the phone, Trump suggested having the meeting in Washington at the White House." Ushakov said. "This is quite an interesting, positive idea." During a March 20 phone call, Trump congratulated Putin for his reelection victory and discussed a possible meeting. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that "a number of potential venues, including the White House," were discussed during the phone call. (Washington Post / Bloomberg)

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A new book claims that Kellyanne Conway is the “number one leaker”

… and here I thought Russian hotels had the best leakers. (BA-DUM-TISH!)


Regarding Lou Dobbs being patched in via phone to high-level White House meetings: Is this a security risk? Does Dobbs have a security clearance? Was the phone line secure? Was anyone listening in on Dobbs’ end?

The Daily Beast describes the meetings as relating to trade and tax policy, but I’m sure that at times classified material is discussed at these types of meetings - especially pertaining to sensitive trade issues. I also wonder if patching in a caller to White House meetings has been done under past administrations or if it’s something new that Trump initiated. If anyone has any answers or background information on the security aspects of this revelation, please share!


Rachel Maddow seems to be the only reporter who has clearly shown why the Pruitt “condo scandal” is a much bigger deal than CBS, NBC, WaPo, NYT, etc. are implying. It has to do with the connection between the lobbyist-landlord and Pruitt’s trip to Morocco. It’s clear that Pruitt made the trip (on our tax payer dime) for the sole purpose of benefiting one of the lobbyist’s clients. This is outrageous and yet I have a feeling Pruitt may skate on this. If that happens, the MSM (which I am generally very supportive of) should take part of the blame due to their disjointed and soft reporting on this particular story.

In just a few paragraphs, Maddow lays out the real scandal here:


This is straight up propaganda. That video is worth a watch.


Sorry I used the wrong term for Maddow. Also, I didn’t mean to imply that MSNBC was not part of MSM – I just meant that MSNBC (and Maddow’s show) where the only MSM outlet that seemed to be making the most important connections in this story. I apologize if I was unclear on this.

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I mean it. Is he holding his Karma hostage in a basement dungeon of Trump Tower? What is taking so long? Where IS the Karma he needs, to balance the universe?

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WTF - is about all you can say.
70% + believe Trump over the news?!?
Brain-dead comes to mind.
Please read how Das Fuerer came to power.


“Congress must immediately pass Border Legislation, use Nuclear Option if necessary.”

Is “Nuclear Option” some political term with which I’m not familiar, or does it mean what I think it means?

Based on the topics discussed it could be a classified discussion, in the military violating the classification protocol could be serious. If it’s a commercial phone line not sure about the ability to scramble it.


It’s a political term in this situation.

@SEPTGUY It work earlier. :confused: I updated my comment with their twitter video. So creepy.

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That’s what I came here to say too!

It means that they can pass legislation with 51 votes instead of the 60 votes required now.


Very discouraging news. There is a piling on of the Brad Parsquals, helping to lead in the 2020 election, and this one, Kirston .from Cambridge Analytica/scl. What we don’t need are more people connected to focusing their ‘message,’ or targeting groups to influence.

One reporter today, John Heilman on one of the Msnbc shows called T playing to his base is akin to always having his binky with him. He plays to this one segment only as we know.


You’re cool!