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Updated 4/13/2018 10:52 AM PDT

1/ Rod Rosenstein is prepared to be fired by Trump, telling confidantes he has done his job with integrity and repeating the phrase, "Here I stand." In recent private conversations, Rosenstein said history will prove he did the right thing by firing James Comey in May 2017, adding that Americans don't have all the facts about what led to his decision to write the memo that led to Comey's dismissal. If Rosenstein is fired, the next in line to oversee Mueller's probe is Solicitor General Noel Francisco. Trump, however, could choose to replace Rosenstein with anyone who has been confirmed by the Senate. (NBC News)

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“Self-professed germophobe” also sleeps with multiple porn stars and eats Taco Bell? :thinking: Something doesn’t track…


Porn stars are not inherently unclean. :stuck_out_tongue:




NYT’s reporting that what the DOJ/SDNY are finding may create more legal pitfalls for the president…which includes a bunch of taped conversations. If Cohen acted more like a thug and one who would shake down adversaries, then indeed he’s in way more trouble than expected. T would be involved in this as well.

" In addition to searching his home, office and hotel room, F.B.I. agents seized material from Mr. Cohen’s cellphones, tablet, laptop and safe deposit box, according to people briefed on the warrants. Prosecutors revealed in court documents that they had already secretly obtained many of Mr. Cohen’s emails."

“The documents seized by prosecutors could shed light on the president’s relationship with a lawyer who has helped navigate some of Mr. Trump’s thorniest personal and business dilemmas. Mr. Cohen served for more than a decade as a trusted fixer and, during the campaign, helped tamp down brewing scandals about women who claimed to have carried on affairs with Mr. Trump.”

Was Cohen even acting as T’s lawyer or really just his fixer?

Trump Sees Inquiry Into Cohen as Greater Threat Than Mueller


Part of the Steele dossier has been confirmed, which says that Michael Cohen had travelled to Prague, undercover to handle some Manafort details that were getting out. It is believed that Russian hackers were there…was it hush money time?!

Cohen has been denying this…showing his passport as evidence that he was never there. Going into a Czech country is an open country, and no stamps are given.
T n’ Co have been calling dossier false, since no one could prove that Cohen was there.

Right out of a spy novel…


So, anyone (besides me) think the Scooter pardon was a ‘shot across the bow’, just to remind us all that T can pardon any-effing-body he wants who’s convicted of a federal crime? He can even pardon preemptively, as Ford did with Nixon. Side benefit for T: sticking it to Comey as it was he who prosecuted Scooter in the first place.
I am very, very worried about what lies ahead.


Prez is enacting the strikes against Syria, apparently bigger than Mattis may have wanted. French and Brits involved in this too.

From a tweet.
this strike looks like an obvious Wag the Dog tactic.


Yes the Dossier has been easy to dismiss @Keaton_James, and even Christopher Steele believed around 70 % percent could be true. But according to what has been rumored, the Intel community really respected Steele’s work. Wasn’t it the FIFA scandal that Steele’s Intel got right?

But beyond the probable spy v spy likely ‘misinformation’ or TMI facts surrounding beds, prostitutes and liquids…well, a lot about the Dossier has proven right. Very little I believe has been proved incorrect (per Maddow).

Oh my…this is just such a strange time for Americans and this Prez’s out-of-bounds actions.

Fun. Tweet

@ eugenegu
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Michael Cohen was in Prague.
Steele’s dossier is true.



So, anyone (besides me) think the Scooter pardon was a ‘shot across the bow’, just to remind us all that T can pardon any-effing-body he wants who’s convicted of a federal crime?

Absolutely. Does anyone actually believe Trump cares one iota about the wellbeing of Scooter Libby? This is 100% about sending multiple messages:

  • To everyone queued up waiting to testify against Trump: “No worries – go right ahead and lie and obstruct justice. I’ve got your back.”

  • To his base: “Hey, it’s OK to lie and obstruct justice – it’s to be expected when you’re being unfairly attacked.”

  • To the prosecutors, Democrats, and everyone else working to uncover his evil deeds: “You might just as well pack up and go home because I’m getting off scot-free no matter what you do.”

  • To James Comey: “Remember that guy you helped convict for lying and obstructing justice? Well, neener, neener!”


Yup…pardons available to T loyalists.

Peacock displaying his feathers…but that image is far prettier than this mini-mob boss move.

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Happy Friday the 13th? We’ve been here before, I recognize that tree. :evergreen_tree:

From WaPo:

President Trump ordered a military attack against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Friday, joining allies Britain and France in launching missile strikes in retaliation for what Western nations said was the deliberate gassing of Syrian civilians.

Would you like to know more?

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You nailed it from every angle.

To me, this is the biggest single revelation in this whole saga since the revelation of the dossier itself. Quite simply, this means two things:

  1. The dossier now officially has credibility.

  2. Trump, Cohen, and the rest of Trump’s inner circle have no credibility.