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Updated 4/23/2018 11:42 AM PDT

1/ Trump's new national security adviser chaired a nonprofit that promoted misleading and anti-Muslim news. Bolton was chairman of the Gatestone Institute from 2013 until last month. The advocacy group claims that a "jihadist takeover" of Europe is leading to a "Great White Death," which was amplified by a Russian troll factory that sought to portray Western society as at risk of "Islamization." (NBC News)

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Congratulations, @matt, on the in-depth feature article today in NiemenLab about Current Status. And best of luck as you continue to grow and refine the invaluable tools you have developed for political news junkies (like me!).

My first-thing-in-the-morning clicks are now: 1) Current Status for the web’s most comprehensive briefing on breaking political news from around the globe, 2) What the Fuck Just Happened Today for Matt’s curated take on the top stories, and 3) The WTFJHT Community Forum so I can tune into the latest buzz and pick up insights from in-the-know WTFJHT members – plus brighten my day with a fun cartoon or two! :smile:


TIL that “sleepy eyes” is such a slur.

(Didn’t see this posted anywhere, but if I’m mistaken, I apologize.)


This news has been trending in the top spot on Current Status, so many WTFJHT members will already be familiar with it, but I’m posting it here for a couple reasons. First, it’s a really, really big deal since in catches trump in a flat out, irrefutable lie which he made to James Comey, then director of the FBI, on two different occasions. This shatters whatever iota of credibility Trump still maintained while at the same time bolstering the credibility of the Steele dossier.

The second reason I wanted to post it here is to add a reference to testimony by Keith Schiller, Trump’s then bodyguard, regarding the timeline of the Miss Universe weekend. In November of last year, Schiller testified to the House Intelligence Committee that he “. . . stood guard outside Mr. Trump’s [hotel room] door after [Trump] retired for the night, before eventually leaving to go to sleep himself . . .” (this is not a direct quotation by Schiller, but a summary of his testimony as reported by the New York Times).

So now two separate sources are contradicting Trump’s claim that he didn’t even spend the night in Moscow that weekend: Actual flight records and Trump’s own body guard.

This is just breaking. We’ll probably hear more details tomorrow.

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Not sure why Ezra Cohen-Watnick was reassigned back to the Justice Dept (under Sessions) as reported on Maddow tonight and NYT this last week. He was fired after Flynn left, and right after the WH paper security information shuffle with Nunes was helped by Michael Ellis with security info.

The question is why he was reassigned and brought back in…and more curious seems like a hawkish ‘plant’ inside Sessions group.

"The official, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, will play an important role at the Justice Department, advising Mr. Sessions on counterintelligence and counterterrorism.

Mr. Cohen-Watnick is known to be hawkish on Russia and China, believing the intelligence community needs to take a more aggressive approach in countering their activities. Both countries conduct wide-ranging espionage in the United States that targets commercial and government secrets. Mr. Sessions is broadly viewed in the Justice Department as lacking expertise in the area.

The Justice Department declined to comment."

“Mr. Cohen-Watnick, 31, served briefly at the start of the Trump administration as the senior director for intelligence for the National Security Council, overseeing covert action and other intelligence programs. He was brought on by Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s first national security adviser”

Mr. Cohen-Watnick was ousted in August 2017 as part of changes in the White House, one of several appointees of Mr. Flynn who were removed by his replacement, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster."

“Mr. Cohen-Watnick did not provide the intelligence reports to Mr. Nunes.”

End quote -

SInce this outster in Aug 2017, McMaster left, Bolton in.

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"Today, the Treasury Department is easing up on sanctions issued earlier this month.

Oleg Deripaska, the billionaire oligarch connected to both Vladimir Putin and Paul Manafort, is a major shareholder in Rusal, one of Russia’s largest aluminum companies. The Trump administration sanctioned Deripaska and Rusal on April 6th."

Specific repeal on sanctions with Oleg Deripaska’s concerns in mind. He was Manafort’s backer.

Does not pass the smell test.


We all know T is nothing but, a liar! He has been one his whole life, or all the banks he has borrowed money from, wouldn’t have given him a dime. T truely believes what comes out of his mouth. If he says or thinks it, well, it’s got to be true, just ask him! Lol He lives every moment, in a fantasy! He is mentally ill. If any of our other Presidents had done half the crap T has, they would have been on trial, to be Impeached already! What is everyone afraid of?

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:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: Thanks!


Caught in yet another lie…no surprise & more fuel for Mueller’s team. :smirk: I love it!

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Uh, @Keaton_James heads up, for some reason when @matt updates the Daily thread in the afternoon to match the newsletter, the preview from the morning post does not change. If you expand the post, you will see this was the top post. It’s an intesting story so I’m glad you posted too. :nerd_face:


Yes! Remember that 3/4 of the American public DOES care about this…while that pesky 1/4 base does not.

Right…records, and details do count.