Day 474

(Rich Brum) #21

Agreed, matt. I’m just a stickler for proper wording. I just worry that if we use inaccurate language, we run the risk of libel or something similar. :+1:


Yes, I remember hearing that on Morning Joe. Just 2 T’s and Hannity.

Avenatti is filled with insider info. It has been posted that Avenatti may have Cohen as an informant, and document provider. Avenatti is going head-to-head with T 'n Co, also stating Cohen will be indicted.

It is possible that Cohen is cooperating with SDNY DA and/Mueller and realizes that Avenatti could help play his hand.

This may of course be probable, but perhaps unlikely…but watching Avenatti play his cards has been a masters level game of poker.

More to come…oh and this…who’s gotten access to those bank records?