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Day 488

Updated 5/22/2018 6:04 AM PDT

1/ Trump uses White House cellphones that lack the proper security features required to protect his communications, potentially leaving him open to hacking or surveillance. Trump uses at least two different iPhones — one for making calls and one for Twitter and news — and has resisted efforts from his staff to beef up the security around his phone use. Aides have urged Trump to swap out his Twitter phone on a monthly basis, but Trump says it's "too inconvenient." Trump has gone as long as five months without having his phone checked by security experts. (Politico)

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Here are some of the other stories I’ve been watching throughout the day:


The Interior Department plans to reverse a 2015 ban prohibiting hunters on some public lands in Alaska from using cruel hunting techniques.
Does anyone know how to send a comment to the National Parks about this issue? There is a 60 day period open for public comment but after a search of their website, I could not find a place to do so.

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More analysis and fact checking on whether T could be indicted or subpoenaed. Mueller’s group has been tightlipped as per usual about this.

Hearing that negotiations have been ongoing from T’s team to have Mueller limit questioning on obstruction, per CNN tonight. Seems that T has already revealed his motivations for firing Comey (Russian investigation w, Lester Holt NBC) so inquiries on this get messy, for lack of a better word.

This move today is horrifying…lots of blowback on social media describing it as ‘autocratic’ and something the Kremlin would do. (Richard Painter)

And now revised. Later tonight.
EPA calls off ban on reporters after massive public outcry:

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Required some digging to locate, but the following was provided by the Humane Society

We need your help to stop the federal government from handing over some of our most precious wildlife to trophy hunters. Please post your comments here to tell the Department of the Interior that you do not support these methods of hunting, and urge them to keep the prohibitions in place.

They also provide a message template that can be used or adapted …

“I am opposed to the National Park Service’s plan to repeal the 2015 rule, which would be inconsistent with the agency’s statutory conservation mandate, prohibiting killing hibernating bears and their cubs using artificial light, shooting wolf and coyote pups and mothers in their dens, using bait to attract brown and black bears to shoot them point blank, shooting vulnerable swimming caribou, and using dogs to hunt black bears. Americans do not support these hunting methods and travel to Alaska to see these wild animals, providing billions of essential dollars to the local economy to do so. Please keep these prohibitions in place.”

It’s always easy to share news, but finding avenues for action practically requires digital-forensic-level, Google searches.

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“The President Is Acting Like Somebody Who Has Something to Hide”: Why Trump’s War with Mueller Makes His Legal Problems Worse
Vanity Fair