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Day 512

Thanks for the lead. I don’t know why, but I’m completely fascinated by this. The NBC News article you posted led me to the jail’s website and the inmate database. This is the record for Prisoner 45343:

I see you can visit Paul on Fridays.

OK, I’m officially cheesed off. I patiently clicked on every single page of the database (obviously I have way too much time on my hands) and determined that, in this entire facility, Prisoner 45343 is the only inmate listed with a location of “VIP” – to my mind, that stinks. Why does he alone deserve a “VIP” location? I can understand the need to separate violent inmates from nonviolent ones, but there are plenty of other nonviolent prisoners in this facility. I don’t see why he merits his own special location. I sure hope they’re not preparing special meals for him and delivering them to his VIP location – he should eat the same meals in the same dining area as everyone else.


Foldering…hmm. Now the world knows how to hide messages people don’t want recorded, interesting. The s#%&t storm seems to have increased in intensity is that a physics sign I wonder? Are we near a crest? Maybe Giuliani and Sessions should join Mr. Manafort for awhile.

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But he’s had a hand in killing people too, even if he kept his own hands “clean”. He sure isn’t MY idea of a VIP either! He needs the full prison “experience” IMO.

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Well, true if he’s been given possible special treatment…and he’s guilty of white collar crimes, as well as treasonous ones…he is still locked up, wearing orange prison garb…and from what I see, it is NOT a picnic. He is being held against his will, and can not access WhatsApp etc.

Ours is not to question why here perhaps…but I see why people might find it irksome. it is a STEP towards punishment.

Read from this WhiteCollar advice column on imprisonment…

My day was non-negotiable. It was my routine, my structure enabling me to prepare for all the obstacles that would await me

my early weeks who were literally watching paint dry. Others would just watch TV all day until mail call came.

There are aspects of imprisonment that are uncomfortable.

And if Friday’s in the afternoon for an hour visit is it, that’s gotta be a well like being in prison. Just saying. :open_mouth:

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True. I was just looking up some of Manafort’s former clients, among them the brutal strongman Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaïre (you don’t even want to read about some of the heinous acts he has perpetrated). I came across the thoroughly researched report by the Center for Public Integrity, titled “The Torturers’ Lobby,” that ranked the lobbying firm of Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly among the top five firms supporting regimes that abuse human rights and practice torture for the years 1991-1992 (p. 7). And this is the guy Trump hired as his Campaign Chairman.


Yes, you’re right. It’s got to be quite a step down from a luxury condo to a jail cell and from an Armani suit to orange overalls.

Something else I was thinking about: it’s especially important to look out for his safety since he is a crucial potential witness in the Trump-Russia investigation. I said I thought he should be eating the same food as everyone else; now that I’ve taken a deep breath and given it further consideration, I’m thinking the jail authorities do know best and are probably screening his meals, considering how many powerful people, both here and in Russia, would like to see Manafort absent from the witness pool.


I’ve been thinking along the same lines…that he’s afraid to flip because of those in his underworld connections (including our “dear” POTUS, I might add) that certainly want him silenced…and now that it looks like he’s at least some risk, they just might try anyway. There have been suspicious deaths on our shores too…he’d not be the first.

Good point…keep an eye out for those who would want to do him harm.

You might wonder as well, if he might have his own poison pill. Would he?

Yes, authorities are keeping a GOOD :policewoman::eye: on him.

With his connections he could get something smuggled in I’m sure. Also Russian intelligence has lots of methods. His brazen actions to witness tamper says a lot IMO, he suspects at least a pardon possibly in exchange for?

What was in the shredded documents Cohen had?

Another indication that Cohen may flip on Trump.

A lawyer who turned down overtures from Cohen’s camp said he did so because he wasn’t experienced in plea deals, which he said was one of the areas of strength Cohen had been seeking in new legal representation.


While Mueller has handed off to the SDNY the investigation of a host of financial crimes by Cohen, Mueller’s team continues hot on the trail of Cohen’s alleged collusion with Russia in our Presidential election.

“My personal opinion is that Michael Cohen is the target of this investigation,” Andrii Artemenko said in an interview with ABC News on Thursday. “I can’t share with you the details of the questions, but from my understanding, they’re keeping going with this investigation.” . . .

He said he concluded that investigators remain interested in Cohen because they spent so much time asking him about his relationship and meetings Cohen, both in interviews and during his sworn appearance before the grand jury.

If Artemenko’s observations are correct, they suggest Mueller could have a separate, parallel probe looking at Cohen’s ties to Russia. Cohen has repeatedly professed his innocence and denounced the Mueller investigation as a witch hunt.


This isn’t new. Remember David Petraeus?


@Matt Great find! The article you linked to about “foldering” mentions that this technique was used in the 2008 spy film “Traitor.” That has to be where Manafort got the idea. :wink:

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Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said on Monday that he will back legislation to prevent the separation of immigrant families along the border, solidifying Democratic support for the bill.

Manchin’s decision means all 49 members of the Democratic caucus, which includes independent Sens. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) and Angus King (Maine), are signing on to the legislation.

While this legislation may die in the House, it’s still very important that we get the Republicans on the record with an up or down vote before midterms.

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In this post above about Manafort’s jail status, I linked to the jail’s inmate database that allowed you to see Manafort’s entry (Prisoner 45343). The jail has taken down Manafort’s listing saying it was a mistake that it was posted in the first place since they normally keep high-profile inmates “under wraps.” They also claim that Manafort is not being given preferential treatment and I hope that is true. At the same time, I hope they are taking particular care to keep him safe both for his sake and the sake of the Trump-Russia investigation.

(I intentionally posted this in Friday’s thread (Day 512) since it seems to fit here.)


Interesting…I wasn’t aware they used that technique.

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wow! that’s wild. i’ve often personally wondered how good my hand-shred jobs were of sensitive documents… clearly i’m fucked


Gosh, I learn so much on this forum- I never heard of this. I lead such a dull life…?


Who ever knew what the heck ‘foldering’ was…especially as a term for hiding emails. Yes, we are constantly learning new legalese terms, and who knew!!! Good dedecto work! :male_detective:

I had seen quotes from Manafort’s daughter Andrea Manafort revealing this technique - hiding emails in drafts, as well as her knowledge that she’s aware that he killed someone. This article dates back to 3/17.

She was married to Jeffrey Yohai, former partner to Manafort and he’s cut a deal w/ Mueller. I am pretty sure it is this daughter…the one who had a huuuuuge wedding. :smile:

Last month, an anonymous hacker website published roughly 300,000 text messages that were supposedly sent between Manafort’s daughters, Andrea and Jessica, and the accusations in the apparent conversations are harsh.

You know he has killed people in Ukraine? Knowingly," Andrea Manafort apparently wrote to her sister in March 2015, referring to their father’s alleged role in the February 2014 police shootings in Kiev that killed over 100 pro-Western protesters in the weeks leading up to Yanukovych’s escape.

In another text to her sister, Andrea Manafort supposedly claimed that their father was behind the “strategy” that Yanukovych allegedly implemented in order to have his security forces kill dozens of protesters in Kiev’s Independence Square.

"He has no moral or legal compass," she added. (Andrea)

In the texts to her sister, Andrea Manafort apparently also claimed their father was no stranger to using under-the-radar tricks to communicate with Yanukovych officials.

"I was there when it happened. I saw him on his shady email," she allegedly texted. "They don’t write emails. They log on and write in the drafts So it’s never transmitted over any servers."