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1/ Trump said he does not believe that Russia is still targeting the U.S. with efforts to undermine American democracy, contradicting his director of national intelligence. Last week, Dan Coats said that "the digital infrastructure that serves this country is literally under attack." And, in particular, Russia is the "most aggressive foreign actor, no question. And they continue their efforts to undermine our democracy." Coats described Russia as one of the "worst offenders." Intelligence officials in the U.S. and U.K. also believe Russia is planning to ramp up digital operations targeting western countries now that the World Cup and the Trump-Putin Helsinki summit have ended. Trump added: "No president has been as tough as I have been on Russia. I think President Putin knows that better than anyone. Better than the media." (Reuters / CNN)

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“Mueller is sitting on a lot” - Marcy Wheeler -
blogger, journalist-

She went to FBI with some evidence, and has a bunch of insider viewpoints of what’s going on. Connects where the connections are with Russia, Syria, inside WH sources.

Worth checking out.

When asked if the revelations in Mueller’s report will ultimately be jaw-dropping, like The Sixth Sense, or a disappointment, like The Village, Wheeler said this:

“I think there are some big plot twists. I did a series some months ago when the questions that Mueller wants Trump to answer came out, and I laid it out. This is clear quid pro quo. They went to Trump and said, ‘We’ll help you. We want sanctions relief, we want Syria, throw in Ukraine, maybe we’ll throw in a Trump Tower.’ And that’s it; that is the basic equation we’re talking about.”

Her segment is found within Crooked Media’s podcast “Pod Saves America.” Starts approximately 48:40 min point.


Here come the T turnaround…reverses course on Russia’s role.

Russia Is No Longer Targeting the U.S., Trump Says, Contradicting His Own Intelligence Director

WASHINGTON — President Trump said on Wednesday that Russia was no longer targeting the United States, contradicting his own intelligence chief and just a day after promising that his administration was working to prevent Kremlin interference in the upcoming midterm elections.


He edges closer and closer to absolute treason, as if he’s above the law and is the King. If this article’s assertion is found to be true then I have been right about this traitor since January, 2017. I think he’s a tool for the Russian mafia and owes them a ton of money. They likely have all sorts of dirt on him. If he doesn’t deliver (deliver the end of America), they’re going to break his orange legs and shove them in cement overshoes, and toss him in the Volga. So he’s not going to stop compromising the US by using the Executive privilege. What I can’t fathom is the GOP supporting him. Proves that the GOP is a bunch of thieving lying criminals as well. We are in a heap of trouble here.

This just dropped from the Times of Israel:


She is what clandestine services call a “honey trap”.

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Looks like T did have conversations re: pushback on the Magitsky act that Russia desperately wants, and whether Russia will get some interviews with Americans, particularly former Russian Ambassador Michael McFaul. T seems open to this. T is obviously carrying water for Putin on this one.

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Round and round it goes, when do finally get to know what Mueller knows.
NOTE: See that this was posted yesterday… :fleur_de_lis:

One former senior intelligence official, who requested anonymity because they are not directly involved in the proceedings, emphasized that they “absolutely” believe Putin has something on Trump.

“There are four possibilities,” this person told Business Insider. "One is that Trump is not very smart. The second is that he’s lazy and incurious. The third is that he is acting this way toward Russia because of some financial desire, like building a Trump Tower in Moscow. The fourth is that the Russian leader has something serious on him, from either a business or personal standpoint.

“My money is on the latter two,” they said.

When an American reporter asked Putin point-blank whether he had compromising material on Trump, Putin offered a lengthy and roundabout response, ultimately saying it was “difficult to imagine an utter nonsense of a bigger scale than this.”


More disgust for this adminstration


Jill Stein’s fundraising after the election to solicit funds for a vote recount in 3 states has now turned into her legal fund for the Russia probe. Anything goes, right?

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Not skilled at participation in such a format…I am a senior citizen, Vietnam era Army retiree, confirmed technophobe. I have been following Trump since the primary race, recognizing his total unfitness for the Presidency… I never thought he would win nomination, much less election.

The actions to change the Rep platform ref. Ukraine and any of his actions toward Russia since confirm his fealty to the Russians. As information keeps coming, it is becoming obvious that, failing impeachment or Amendment 25 action, there may be a need for the ranking military members to take action to prevent a sellout of McCaul or other Americans. I expect an indictment from Mr. Mueller would be another and more constitutional means of stopping Trump in his tracks. The indications of possible perfidy among Republican leaders and influencers (NRA and congressmen literally in bed with the Russian agent Butina?) and the longstanding association of so many around Trump with Russian “businessmen” may develop into the greatest traitor scandal in American history. May it be resolved without bloodshed.

An interesting speculation I saw today was that the use of Novichuk nerve gas in the U. K. may have been a warning to Manafort and maybe even Trump himself.

Organize, get out the vote and throw the Republicans to the gutter!


My money is on all four, with other possibilities we haven’t yet considered.

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T knew before his inauguration that there was Russian election interference.

T will always believe his win as irrefutable.

WASHINGTON — Two weeks before his inauguration, Donald J. Trump was shown highly classified intelligence indicating that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia had personally ordered complex cyberattacks to sway the 2016 American election.

The evidence included texts and emails from Russian military officers and information gleaned from a top-secret source close to Mr. Putin, who had described to the C.I.A. how the Kremlin decided to execute its campaign of hacking and disinformation.

Mr. Trump sounded grudgingly convinced, according to several people who attended the intelligence briefing. But ever since, Mr. Trump has tried to cloud the very clear findings that he received on Jan. 6, 2017, which his own intelligence leaders have unanimously endorsed.


Yet Trump cozies up to Putin while disrespecting May.

A source with knowledge of the investigation said: “Investigators believe they have identified the suspected perpetrators of the Novichok attack through CCTV and have cross-checked this with records of people who entered the country around that time. They (the investigators) are sure they (the suspects) are Russian.”

How can Trump call the press “the enemy of the people” when they are simply reporting the deeply disturbing findings of their own governments?


Senate Confirms Trump Court Pick Record Of Attacking Voting Rights

Mother Jones pulls together of NRA’s participation with outside influencers and donors, namely Russia. Here is a great timeline of their participation.

For decades, the National Rifle Association has promoted its hardline politics with appeals to patriotism, freedom, and the staunch defense of the Second Amendment. But now, the controversial gun lobbying group finds itself deeply caught up in a wide-ranging effort to sabotage American democracy by an enemy foreign power.

Targeting the 2016 election
When the NRA annual convention kicked off in May 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky, Torshin met Donald Trump Jr. during a private dinner the night before his father gave a much anticipated speech. (“The only way to save our Second Amendment,” his father told the crowd the next day, “is to vote for a person that you all know named Donald Trump.”) A lawyer for Don Jr. later said the exchange between his client and Torshin at the dinner “was all gun-related small talk.” The Washington Post reported this week that Butina also met Don Jr. briefly at the convention.

Butina and Torshin are both “lifetime members” of the NRA, according to Torshin, who posed for photos in Louisville armed with a large rifle, an NRA “Ring of Freedom” donor ID badge hanging around his neck.

That same month, as the New York Times previously reported, Erickson emailed a high-level Trump campaign official with the message that “Russia is quietly but actively seeking a dialogue.” He noted that the “international reach of the NRA placed me in a position a couple of years ago to slowly begin cultivating a back-channel to President Putin’s Kremlin.”

Three months earlier, Erickson and Butina had formed Bridges LLC; Erickson later told McClatchy that they created the South Dakota-based company for Butina to get financial assistance for her graduate studies—“an unusual way to use a LLC,” as McClatchy dryly noted.

After Trump won the presidential election, according to the court documents made public this week, Butina contacted Torshin. “I am ready for further orders,” she told him.

A lawyer for Butina has denied the federal charges, calling them “overblown.” Butina appeared at a hearing in federal court on Wednesday in Washington, where her lawyer said she had cooperated with an FEC inquiry in March regarding contributions to a political committee (no further details of which were specified at the hearing). The latest court filing from prosecutors on Wednesday alleged that Butina offered sex to another American, whose identity is unknown, in “exchange for a position within a special interest organization.”


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I kinda see this as a true representation of peak capitalism. He bought the highest office in our nation without integrity, or moral compass. Everyone pays for the throne in deals, and in service, they’re all fighting for it, squabbling, and dealing. He just brought it all out with his pride, and arrogance. He said he’d drain the swamp. He’s doing it by burning every one of our political bridges, alienating us from our allies, gaslighting, creating mistrust. We voted in this aspirational dictator. It may have been politicians without a need to answer to their constituants, only a need to keep their own little fiefdoms, but we voted them, they pooled for him. This is our oligarchy masquerading as democracy. It’s not new. I’m a bit afraid though; if this is what we’re seeing, how big is the iceberg really?