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1/ A federal judge ordered the Justice Department to redact the probable cause affidavit used to justify the FBI search of Trump’s Florida estate. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart said it’s “very important” that the public have as “much information” about the search of Mar-a-Lago and that he was “inclined” to unseal some of the affidavit. The Justice Department argued that unsealing the document could jeopardize the investigation and put witnesses at risk because the investigation into Trump’s handling of classified records is still “in its early stages” and “would provide a roadmap and suggest next investigative steps we are about to take.” A coalition of news organizations argued that the affidavit should be made public given the “historically significant, unprecedented execution of a search warrant in the residence of a former president.” Reinhart said he would give the Justice Department seven days to redact the document in a way that would not undermine its ongoing investigation before making a determination about whether to unseal the affidavit. (New York Times / NBC News / Washington Post / Politico / Wall Street Journal / CNN)

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Appeals court says DOJ improperly redacted memo to AG Barr on Trump obstruction


Well now. The DoJ has footage of those yahoos at Mar-a-Lago moving boxes out of the place after they were told “hey, give those back.” Wonder where they are now.


Wow oh wow.

The National Republican Army, a rebel group WITHIN Russia, has claimed the assassination of the daughter of one of Putin’s primary warmongers, meaning Russia has rebels, and Putin just gutted the FSB and other intelligence services that could fight them.

I don’t condone terrorism, mind you; they killed this advisor’s daughter in an attempt to kill the advisor, I am just noting that this is yet another sign of how much this whole heinous debacle has backfired on Putin, and how very unstable things are in Russia right now.


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