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Day 616

1/ The Senate is set to vote on a short-term spending bill to keep the federal government running past Friday. However, at least two Democrats and several Republicans have said they plan to vote against the spending measure because it contains a proposal from Joe Manchin to reform the federal permitting process for energy projects and fast-track a pipeline that would impact his home state. The permitting proposal was a key part of Chuck Schumer’s deal with Manchin to pass the Inflation Reduction Act this summer on a party-line vote. Mitch McConnell has also encouraged Senate Republicans to vote down Manchin’s effort to attach energy permitting reform to the stopgap spending bill. If the bill fails to gain 60 votes, Schumer will likely proceed with a spending bill that strips out Manchin’s energy legislation. Lawmakers have four legislative days to fund the government or face a partial government shutdown. In addition to maintaining current funding levels through Dec. 16, the bill also provides more than $12 billion to Ukraine, $1 billion to help families with heating and cooling costs, $2.5 billion to help New Mexico recover from wildfires, and $20 million in emergency funding for water and wastewater infrastructure improvements in Jackson, Mississippi. (Politico / Washington Post / CBS News / New York Times / CNN / Wall Street Journal)

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