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Updated 10/30/2018 1:25 PM PDT

1/ Trump traveled to Pittsburgh today shortly after the first funerals were held for the 11 victims of the mass shooting at Tree of Life synagogue. Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto, who explicitly asked Trump not to visit, did not appear with Trump. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Pat Toomey all declined to appear with Trump. More than 1,000 people declared Trump "unwelcome in our city and in our country." Trump, meanwhile, said: "I really look forward to going. I would have done it even sooner, but I didn't want to disrupt any more than they already had disruption." (CNN / NPR / Washington Post)

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The White House loves to complain the media ignores stories about the economy. Here’s an interesting one:

Meanwhile: The Treasury is going to issue $1.338 trillion in new debt this year–that’s trillion with a T–more than double the amount in 2017. via @WSJ


Thanks for posting! We can see the banking crisis of 2008-09 and its effects on the debt. Here we have a voluntary debt crisis in the making from the tax bill. There is no margin now for any emergency that might come up. But anyone paying attention should have known this was coming. Trump’s entire financial history is someone that can’t handle money. He is just broke at a higher level until someone bails him out. His father bailed him out with $3M in chips at one of his casinos but even his father became concerned he was going to raid the family business by going after his will (NYT recent story of his family tax issues). I read David Kay Johnston’s book prior to the election since I never read any of the other biographies previously written. I couldn’t believe that so many people would allow him the financial responsibilities as head of state when he obviously had such a bad history and after what we went through in 2008. My neighbor (solid R) has never really grasped what out banking crisis was all about and therein lies the risk - most of the Trump base don’t get it either. So they have never asked the question, "how did he come back from the $4B bankruptcies of the mid-90s when no bank would touch him? The Russian money came to his rescue…quid pro quo? I am sure they have something on him if now just the money laundering in and of itself. Maybe the fact that the Russian billions created by and with Putin is another issue beyond the Trump base. It would certainly help the country if this group woke-up and smelled the coffee already.


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The Washington Post put out a great graphic on the rise of the borrowing.