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Day 655

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With one day to go, I'll be keeping this space updated throughout the midterms with the latest polls and live blogs.

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What a guy…

@jdawsey1 (Wapo reporter)


Lawyer for FinCen leaker, Sours Edwards describing her actions as more about being a whistle blower, as opposed to just bowing to pressure from journalists (my interpretation)

Prosecutors said beginning in October 2017, Sours Edwards illegally disclosed so-called suspicious activity reports connected to Manafort, accused Russian agent Maria Butina, the Russian embassy and a unit of Prevezon Holdings Ltd, a corporation owned by Russian businessman Denis Katsyv.

Suspicious activity reports are submitted by banks to alert law enforcement to potentially illegal transactions.

Information from the disclosures was reported in 11 articles that appeared in BuzzFeed over the course of a year, prosecutors said.

Agnifilo said Sours Edwards shared the reports because “she believes that certain pieces of information were not being handled the right way and were not being brought to the attention of the people who should know it,” though he did not give further details.

He said Sours Edwards had also spoken to committees in Congress and to other government agencies about her concerns, and that her contact with the media was a relatively small part of her efforts.

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