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Day 707

Updated 12/27/2018 11:29 AM PST

1/ Trump's shutdown entered its sixth day with negotiations between Democrats, Republicans, and the White House at a standstill. The Senate is scheduled to be in session today, but there are no votes for a spending bill scheduled since an agreement between Democrats and Trump hasn't been reached over Trump's demand for $5 billion in border wall funding. The impasse has left about 420,000 federal workers working without pay and another 380,000 furloughed. Trump told reporters that he's "whatever it takes" to fund the wall he once claimed Mexico would pay for. (ABC News / New York Times)

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Today is another WOW Day I think? First link off of here to the Newsweek article about Trump’s visit to Iraq blew me away. Seriously, just blew me away. It would be hard to write a fiction novel that was more bizarre than what we have in real life.

When I began to read the story, I thought to myself, well, this is just another not-so-subtle way that Trump was dealing with a dozen different crisis’. A trip to Iraq had been “spectacular” for W and Dick Cheney, why wouldn’t it work for him? Sooner or later, like a broken clock, he’s going to be right about something. And he had a lot of ground to catch up after his Europe fiasco, so it’s like 4th & 38 from his own 20 yard line. He’s accustomed to flying and I’m sure AF1 is plenty kush, so I had no interest in reading about him signing his MAGA caps. My wife had warned me that it was over-the-top nauseating and probably, like everything else he’s ever done, illegal.

But then I read this…

After Air Force One left the Iraqi airspace, Trump posted a video to his Twitter account of his time spent with American forces during his visit to Iraq. Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA,” plays over the video and shows the president and the first lady posing for pictures with service members that appear to be from SEAL Team Five. The special warfare operators are dressed in full battle gear and wearing night vision goggles.

So, he’s thinking he’s going to pull the old Kim Jong Un video thing on us? The American People are going to buy off on his propaganda?

And then you start to read about how he actually DID break the law. The caps was nothing, but exposing Special Ops faces on a Twitter video is just so far gone. How many idiot followers does he have again? 41 million or something? Does he not even think about the consequences of his actions?

Finally, I have to ask myself, why are people letting this happen? Has John Kelly and everyone else turned from being the “adult in the room” to the “throwing gasoline on the fire” side? It’s fucking terrifying when you stop and think about the logistics. If he’s posting videos minutes after he’s take off, he’s got someone helping him. Somebody is not only turning a blind eye, but they’ve become complicit in allowing him to take these perverse actions. Maybe people are finally starting to get it though - give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself…

I just don’t see how this can go on for another full 2 years.


Meanwhile back at the ranch Melania was shaving DT’s back…so lonely at the Whitehouse!

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