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Day 727

Updated 1/16/2019 10:45 AM PST

1/ The government shutdown is causing more economic damage than previously estimated and could push the U.S. economy into a contraction. White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett called "the damage" to the economy "a little bit worse" than anticipated. Meanwhile, the White House revised estimates from the Council of Economic Advisers, which shows that the shutdown – now in its 26th day – reduces quarterly economic growth by 0.13 percentage points for every week that it lasts. By comparison, last year's economic growth for the first quarter totaled 2.2% (New York Times / CNN)

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man, today’s notables are basically just a bunch of russia investigation stuff and i have no idea how to better handle this!


Rudy Giuliani on Cuomo Prime Time is a must watch. He doesn’t deny that the Trump Campaign may have colluded with the Russians but denies Trump was directly involved.


Another huge story…Michael Cohen rigged some polls…paid a tech company to rig various polls. He confirms story today and confirms that T directed Cohen to do this…

Floodgates are open with more breaking news


Always punitive…T’s letter back to Pelosi

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And here’s another lil tit-for-tat scenario between T and Pelosi

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Sanctions on Deripaska’s companies…House blocks it.

Now what?


After reading these posts, it sure seems like Rudy is up to something abroad.


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How about a Russian category? notables.

Yes…it is an onslaught of information on Russia. Curious that with the changing of the guard with the Democratic leadership, there are a huge amount of Russian reveals, via Mueller’s legal paperwork, the newspapers, and former staff?

We still think Mueller is not quite ready for his final report (1 or 2 months out perhaps), but someone is laying the groundwork for what could be impeachable offenses, by revealing to the public the links between T and Russia.

We’re getting insider info T and his desire to destroy NATO, his destruction of the Interpreter’s notes on the Helsinki Mtg, the emoluments end…with the Telecom Execs staying at Trump Hotel to get their deal.

The Dailybeast article on Gates and his revelations on Psy Group would seem to be coming from Gate’s lawyers, even though they are not supposed to… who else would be leaking this?

Anyway, thanks @matt for handling the deluge of info…:exploding_head:

More categories in the final daily debriefing perhaps…it is COMPLICATED stuff.


I’m perfectly happy with all the random Russia stuff being in the notables category. It makes for a long notables section sometimes, but it makes up for the less absurdly crazy days. If you do want to make a new category, maybe try putting Russia stuff at the top of the notables for the next couple days to see if it’s worth the extra effort.



These belong with Rudy’s ranting…unreal.


Two observations about Giuliani’s unhinged performance:

ONE: He admits for the very first time that Manafort colluded with Russians. However, he tries to convince us that was always his position, knowing perfectly well he’s lying. All the posturing by Giuliani and Trump up to this point has been to convince us that Trump never colluded with Russia and neither did anyone else around him. Over and over Trump has spouted the blanket statement, “NO COLLUSION” – Trump didn’t say “NO COLLUSION by me, but maybe a little collusion by some of the guys who work for me.”

TWO: Giuliani’s indignation regarding John Solomon’s “revelations” in The Hill article is completely manufactured. First, the article is an opinion piece, not a factual report. Second, Solomon’s sourcing is dubious to say the least and, third, he’s just nit picking when he claims the FISA warrant against Carter Page should never have been issued.

Giuliani passionately agrees, claiming the application for the warrant should have more strongly indicated that the dossier might be biased – and here Giuliani really ramps up his rant – but he’s completely off base. If you look at the section he refers to (p. 16), the application clearly states, “The FBI speculates that the identified U.S. person was likely looking for information that could be used to discredit Candidate # 1’s [Trump’s] campaign.” Hence, the dossier may have been created for the purpose of smearing Trump – this possibility is not hidden from the judge as Solomon and Giuliani would have us believe. In the end, the judge rightfully issued the warrant, taking into account, not only the possibly flawed dossier, but also all the other supporting material in the application (the previous warrants against Page, his Russian contacts, etc.).

Most importantly though, it’s just foolish of Giuliani to keep bringing up the FISA controversy. The outcome of that debate is not going to change where Trump is today – swept up in one of the most crucial investigations of our time.

This meme says it best:


I’m wondering more and more about Rudy and possible ties to Russia.