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1/ Rudy Giuliani claimed that "no plans were ever made" for Trump Tower Moscow, despite hundreds of pages of business documents, emails, text messages, and architectural plans proving otherwise. For instance, by September 2015, an architect had completed plans for a 100 stories high tower, and when Trump signed a finalized letter of intent on Oct. 28 2015, the tower would have "approximately 250 first class, luxury residential condominiums" and "approximately 15 floors" and contain "not fewer than 150 hotel rooms." The Trump team also considered an option to open "The Spa By Ivanka Trump," as well as giving a "$50 million penthouse to Putin." Trump's lawyer characterized this by saying "the proposal was in the earliest stage" and later adding "There were no drafts. Nothing in the file." (BuzzFeed News)

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Looks like the RNC is planning to go “all in” on Trump for its 2020 nominee. Good luck with that strategy. :roll_eyes:

The Republican Party’s governing body is set to offer its “undivided support” for Donald Trump and his “effective presidency,” lending its backing to the president and his re-election campaign.

The Republican National Committee’s resolutions committee unanimously approved the measure Wednesday at a winter meeting in New Mexico, clearing the way for its passage before the full membership Friday.

The expression of support comes as Trump’s re-election campaign is taking steps to scare off any potential primary challenger in 2020.

An Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll released Wednesday shows Trump’s approval rating stands at 34 percent, its lowest point in more than a year.


Federal workers gathered Wednesday at the Hart Senate Office Building to protest the ongoing government shutdown, which has left hundreds of thousands of them without pay.

The workers held 33 minutes of silent protest, or one minute for each day the shutdown has lasted.

Protesters shook their fists and chanted, “No more food banks. We need paychecks.

They also held paper plates with messages written on them such as “open the government” and “federal workers are going hungry.” The plates were reportedly meant to symbolize that some workers can’t feed their families without pay.



Remember back in June, when Christina Wilkie wrote that story about Trump’s favorite architect, John Fotiadis packing up shop and moving suddenly from New York to New Jersey?

In Eurasia, Trump’s deals often involved complex networks of investors and middlemen. For instance, Trump’s 2011 deal to build a Fotiadis-designed resort in Georgia was set up by Giorgi Rtskhiladze, an international financier who, four years later, would arrange for Cohen to receive a proposal from a Russian millionaire seeking to partner with Trump on real estate in Russia.

What ever happened to that guy? Could he be Buzzfeed’s architect source? What do you guys think?


From Brian Stelter’s CNN Reliable Sources newsletter

Pelosi postpones Trump’s show

I think Nancy Pelosi knows how to speak Trump’s language. Picture her as the TV exec, and Trump as the star. Technically she’s not “cancelling” his State of the Union speech, but she is postponing it – depriving him of airtime.

He might hold some other event next Tuesday night… I’m assuming he will… But on Wednesday night he tweeted that it will not be a SOTU. “I will do the Address when the Shutdown is over,” he wrote…


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Sure sounds like it…good catch.
Since we have heard that the T Org is a small “mom and pop” operation, it would make sense to keep a lot of your fave’s going…and since this would have been another ‘crown jewel’ to his real estate holdings bearing the T name emblazoned on every flat surface, I would image they’d go with him…

This T Tower Russia was talked up quite a bit…and yes, this architect would have been on Buzzfeed’s radar.