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1/ The acting attorney general told the House Judiciary Committee that he has not spoken to Trump about Robert Mueller's investigation. Matthew Whitaker testified that while he had "not interfered in any way" with the special counsel investigation, he wouldn't discuss his "private conversations" with Trump. Meanwhile, Doug Collins, the ranking Republican on the committee, accused Democrats of engaging in "political theater" and a "character assassination" against both Whitaker and Trump. (New York Times / CNN / Wall Street Journal / Politico / Bloomberg)

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The book does not reveal new findings from the Trump-Russia investigation but gives a tantalizing detail within what McCabe says is a “hypothetical” that explains FBI protocol.

This McCabe/Rosenstein story has been bugging me since Mueller was appointed. Can’t wait to read McCabe’s book.


Thanks for your comprehensive review of the issues surrounding this extraordinary story. It exploded out of nowhere and already it’s difficult to keep track of all the tangled threads. And here’s one more:

With any other President, we would probably greet this announcement with a shrug and say, “It looks like they need more time to complete their investigation.” However, with this President, we can’t help but wonder if there are ulterior motives in play.

First, consider that the President is close friends with David Pecker, owner of AMI, and that Pecker has shown a strong desire to stay on the Saudis’ good side – they are a possible funding source for AMI that Pecker has been cultivating for years. If we can believe Jeff Bezos, Pecker’s loyalty to the Saudis is so strong that he is willing to resort to blackmail to curtail an investigation into the Saudi Crown Prince (see @matt’s post above).

Next, consider that Pecker has done many favors for Trump (helping hush up the Stormy Daniels affair, etc.).

So these considerations beg the question: Is Trump now returning Pecker’s favors by withholding the Saudi report? Is he participating in a quid pro quo with his friend, rather than doing what is right for the nation? It’s not a stretch to ask these questions. The basis for asking them is right before our eyes.

And these considerations don’t even touch on the President’s son-in-law’s very close ties to the Saudi Crown Prince.


I would call this loan beyond shady. No wonder the Mueller probe is taking so long. He uncovers one crime and that leads to investigations into other possible crimes. What a rat’s nest.

Prosecutors working for special counsel Robert Mueller said in court filings this week that they want to know more about a $1 million loan made to Paul Manafort’s family days after the FBI raided his home in 2017, Bloomberg News reports.

Manafort, the onetime Trump campaign manager who is awaiting sentencing on numerous financial crimes related to his lobbying work for pro-Russia parties in Ukraine, guaranteed the loan from a Nevada-based company called Woodlawn LLC.

Manafort’s family secured the loan through their interest in a condominium in Manhattan, according to court papers reported by Bloomberg.

U.S. prosecutors are trying to seize the condo after Manfort’s conviction, leaving Woodlawn seeking to stake a claim on the condo so it can collect on the debt.

Prosecutors said in the court filing Thursday that "additional information and evidence will be necessary to evaluate the nature and extent of Woodlawn’s claims” on the Manhattan apartment.

Woodlawn installed former Hollywood bit player Joey Rappa as its “managing member” in public fillings, Bloomberg reported. Rappa’s appointment was meant to allow the loan’s funder to remain anonymous and avoid embarrassment, a lawyer for the lender told the outlet.

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